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Startups & VC Firms

Since 1995, IPSOFACTO has partnered with some of the best fast-growth startups in the bay area. Tech startup or not, businesses today rely on information technology (IT) some more than others. Applications, software, hardware, accounts, communication, storage, and security… the list goes on. These are all things we are very familiar with at IPSOFACTO, some would even say we’re experts.


Arch & Design Firms

Over the last 20 years the tools you use as a firm have began to double in numbers year over year. At times the challenge of managing multiple applications, hardware and assets becomes more work for you than the actual work that needs done for new projects and clients. This isn’t ideal and it shouldn’t be a burden that you as a design firm or your in house team has to handle on their own. This is where IPSOFACTO comes in.


Construction Firms

If you’re a construction company or firm in Bay Area and need a little extra help with the heavy lifting on the tech side, we can help. We’re kind of like the foreman of IT. We build big networks, anywhere. Job site WIFI, Industrial, project scopes, wiring, relocations; we can handle it. If you’re in the field working we’re working. The idea here is more affordable, more efficient, more mobile IT support to keep you building your business with no worries or hiccups.



The busy world of running a successful foundation, public or private, creates a demand for technology to continue to stay up and running and moving forward. IPSOFACTO, IT Services has developed a custom approach to taking care of the IT and Tech needs specifically for nonprofit corporations and foundations in San Francisco. You could say we’re experts when it comes to IT Services for for foundations.