A Dedicated Team for Your Hosted Services

A Dedicated Team for Your Hosted Services

Are Cheap hosted subscriptions costing you a fortune in Admin labor? (They are but you might not know…)

If you’re reading this as a COO, CTO, or CHRO, you’re in the right spot.

Here at IPSOFACTO we SAVE YOU TIME, MONEY, AND TEARS! We have a team dedicated to your hosted services. They create, manage, adjust, reconcile, and turn on/off all hosted services every month. IPSOFACTO has partnerships with the major vendors so we can get annoying tasks (like file restores) done in minutes that you would wait days or weeks to accomplish.


Back in the days of in-office IT, making changes was easy. Onboarding and Offboarding were: Click here for on. Click here for off.

Then the googols, rotten apples and micro thugs got greedier.

They said, “Sell them super-easy monthly subscriptions, make sure after 3 years it’s more expensive, and make sure they keep paying for impossible management.”

Here are your average firm’s Hosted Services (for 20+ employees).

Email (Gmail or O365)
Chat (Slack etc)
Antivirus (webroot)
FileSync (One or Box)
AntiHack (Umbrella etc)
EmailStore (Backupify etc)
Cloudbackup (CrashPlan etc)
Desktop connect (GoTo etc)

There are 2700 more to go…

And you say, “This is GREAT! All these tools on the internet and I only need to pay monthly!”

Mix that with BAD employees, weekly OnBoarding and OffBoarding, and Hackers and you have an EXPENSIVE MESS. Which is why your network probably has gaping holes (we’ve seen ex-employees from 2016 still downloading company files). OR, you are killing yourself to manage all these SaaS Apps.

Not only that, but the hosted service companies trick you into EASILY buying more and more subscriptions, but they won’t let you (easily) DELETE old subscriptions. You wanted cheap, and now you pay remarkably more.


Not only are we the CTO’s best friend but we are the COOs and CHROs best friends too. Experience the difference, contact us today.

Steve Boullianne, High school drop-out. College drop-out. A go-go dancer in Amsterdam. LOVED computers, programmed satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, Dot-Com boom, 2.0 boom. Likes his smallish company and human relationships; not into big anonymous IT. Loves to tell jokes. Loves and Hates technology; pick up the phone, ok? Thinks on line hook up sites have saved the world from AIDS and DateRape. Thinks his kids are better collaborators and world leaders thanks to video games. Is still a hip-hop dancer; is NOT a Brony. Loves San Francisco; Hates the homeless crisis. Tells young people to buy real estate, as soon as possible. Don’t rent. Hopes his final years are spent handing out blankets, food, clothes, and medical supplies.


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