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IT Services For Design Firms, Architecture
and Engineering In San Francisco

We Are Experts At:

  • Special Pricing
    • For A&D Firms, special pricing is always a consideration. Most firms can get away with ongoing scheduled support. A&D firms need immediate, on deck support, right away. We have many ways to support A&D firms. Let’s discuss the best way for you. As a design firm, you should not be put into the same class as all A&D firms. Your secret sauce is what keeps your firm distinguished from the others. by all means, make sure you partner with us, we can keep your secrets thriving and distinguished.
  • Big Data (backups, mgt)
    • Architecture and Design firms can amass data very quickly, due to use of applications like AutoCad, InDesign, or Revit. Blue-printing iteration files can really chew up data storage too. Managing huge stores of data in-house and in-the-cloud is one of our specialties. Choosing the best data management strategies, based on budget, recovery, and location is very important to operations. Let us help design the best data management strategies for you.
  • Microsoft and Mac
    • We are a Microsoft Partner. We are a Mac Partner. We are excellent at the management of both, all together, mixed platforms, mixed tools, printing, protections, upgrades, replacements, migrations, applications, cloud, remote support. We are awesome at this, better than our low touch competitors who promise support, and hand you an 800 number to the far east. Our strategies around Windows/Mac our are solid and economical.
  • Pretty Technologies
    • Some of the offices we deck out are gorgeous. If you need a beautiful entryway or public space, running beautiful technologies, we can work with the design strategy to roll those ideas out.
  • Staff who love to DESIGN
    • Having an awesome staff means having great systems that they’re working in. Face it, bad systems ruin the best employees. Cloud apps are part of your systems, and the mis-management of them, and the poor administration of them are nowadays considered the ‘holes in the boat’. Untracked licensing, over payments, over usages, wrong teams, untrained users…all of these things lead to wasted money, and inefficent & unhappy staff. If you’re going to nail it, you need happy staff (at the staff events) and happy staff cranking out the future on solid IT systems, using well-managed cloud apps.
  • AUTOCAD etc
    • Make sure you choose a partner who can manage license servers, Autodesk technologies, Revit. Make sure you choose a partner who knows how to back up all this data seamlessly and cost effectively. Make sure you work with a team who can provide training on access and use, and of course, printing. Make sure teams, all over the planet, are accessing and editing files quickly and effectively. Don’t mess around on this. A nice designer won’t always complain. But the quality of their work will weaken. We ensure strong use of design apps.
    • We are great at delivering the right equipment and licensing to run Revit. Sometimes your strategies for use don’t match the manufacturer’s licensing requirement and lapses can really weaken business strategies. Let us maintain those licenses and roll out relationships for you.
  • DATA Sending
    • Office in London. Office in Dubai. Office in San Francisco. Everyone working on the same files. Let’s talk strategy and find the easy/fast/cost effective solutions to keeping files up-to-date on the internet, easily accessed by your team members. Breaking up the packets or the blueprints, there are many considerations to make based on internet speeds and topographies. We’re here to help you win.
  • Cell Phones use for Designers
    • Nowadays, designers are using their cell phones more and more to manage conferences, calls, updates, files, and collaboration. Imagine the very best designers using their cell phones to present data and close business. Neat new technologies like Zoom and Spark are allowing for just that. We love nothing more than rolling out the smart systems of the future to make even the biggest egos proud to work for you.
  • Your Project Support
    • You have Project Management teams and so do we. If you have an international or local team working on a project and need us to provide awesome technologies or awesome support, we have our own PM teams to provide excellent levels of support to you. We use Gantt Charts, tasks and tickets to roll out excellence. We are also a Bay Area leader in construction level IT support and can also help your designers build the future technologies that will be a requirement in all new buildings.
  • Fast and Friendly
    • When you have teams in different time zones, fast delivery of solutions becomes tantamount. And of course, people get short on patiences. Our staff go through training to handle angry people who are feeling attacked by technology. Let’s face it, not everyone is a tech guru, but everyone can master the technologies they need to perform and deliver. Our excellence is spotting these needs and delivering to them.
    • All design firms, big and small, are cost conscious. Technology can be a runaway cost in A&D. At IPSOFACTO, we make sure you are investing in the right technologies at the right time on the bell-curve, and using these technologies cost effectively. We make sure licensing, on-boarding and off-boarding are simplified and fast; saving you a lot of money over time. Designers can be work horses and divas. All the technologies must be performant for the two groups. Let us design the perfect A&D Service bundle for you, using all the different on-prem and cloud based technologies that we support. It’s a competitive world out there, be the winner.


Design Firms

Since 1995, IPSOFACTO IT Services has been working with some of the brightest and fastest growing Architecture Design and Engineering firms in San Francisco. Design firms have been some of the earliest adopters of the digital transformation as new tools and applications have become more robust and effective throughout the design process. Over the last 20 years the tools you use as a firm have began to double in numbers year over year. At times the challenge of managing multiple applications, hardware and assets becomes more work for you than the actual work that needs done for new projects and clients. This isn’t ideal and it shouldn’t be a burden that you as a design firm or your in house team has to handle on their own. This is where IPSOFACTO comes in.

We have been creating award winning IT solutions for Bay Area Design Firms for years, it’s safe to say that we’re an expert in your industry when it comes to IT Services, Networking, Strategies, Project Management and more. Our industry leading engineers are assigned to your firm as an outsourced team. Not managed. We don’t sit around in our office while you try and figure out how to fix an issue in your office. Our team will work with yours, on premise in order to better understand the needs of your firm and trouble shoot and issues.

We’re not just another computer support company to help with your printer. We’re a new way to a partnership in IT. One that will pave the way for your firm to experience the productivity and growth that comes with freed up resources additional revenues.

Call IPSOFACTO today for a free network and systems analysis. 415.362.2922