Construction Firm IT Services

Custom Built IT Services For San Francisco Construction Firms

Construction Firm IT Services, San Francisco

We Are Experts At:

  • Ass-Kicking the other Bidders
    • IPSOFACTO is trained in LBE Government bidding practices and Private Sector competitive bidding practices. If you’re bidding on a job, we want you to win as much as you do. We can work with you to create a bidding strategy that appeals to the buyer, especially in a bid off. At IPSOFACTO, we are expert at cash management throughout long and short term projects, and we are endowed and solvent, with excellent credit, great lenders, and long term experience with Change Order Management.
  • Server Efficiencies
    • Many construction firms use applications which run most efficiently on internal servers. We are experts at cost effectively managing, maintaining, and repairing servers for 100% uptime internal and of course, for the mobile force at Job Sites. IPSOFACTO is a Microsoft Partner since 1996 and not only excel at Server Management and the Managed Services which go into Server Management, but we are also highly certified to stop and mitigate any server failure.
  • Remote Support
    • For Construction firms which have Job Site needs and an IT Partner who can easily acquire durable inventory for a Remote Staff, IPSOFACTO has excellent processes for connecting with and quickly solving issues remotely. IPSOFACTO uses secure tools from AEM and Autotask to remotely connect to pc’s, macs, and ipads anywhere to provide immediate support. Remote support, done the way WE do it, reduces costs and increases client satisfaction. Other remote support systems are slow and inefficient. We don’t offer those.
  • WIFI / Email / Printers
    • IPSOFACTO owns FIDIWIFI, a separate WIFI devision, providing world class excellence in shifing clients away from ethernet, to fast WIFI (hint- a lot of WIFI is badly manufactured, installed, and managed poorly). Let’s face it, in house Email is over. Everyone is on O365. But O365 has it’s problems too, especially around active directly, security, licensing, and administration. IPSOFACTO is an O365 partner to create very low cost hosted email solutions for clients. Any firm using Autocad/Autodesk/Revit will need good printing. At IPSOFACTO, we ensure excellent printing.
  • Mobile Teams / Field Computers
    • Construction firms often have a core staff on site, and the rest of the staff at job sites or working remotely on slide tablets, iPads, laptops, and phones. IPSOFACTO builds very solid MDM and other remote computing networks to allow our clients smart and cost effective mobile computing. Harness the power of the cloud without losing speed or control. Ensure your high paid staff are able to work happily, with solid technologies in office or out in the field.
  • Job Sites
    • Construction firms will frequently need some level of technical support at the job site. Whether it’s a site with Caterpillar earth movers and 10 sq miles of operations, or when building the sky scrapers of the future, IPSOFACTO has got your wired, wireless, fiber optic, cellular, and printing systems ready for action. Need support on site? IPSOFACTO has a dedicated team of ‘job site pros’ who are specialized in making sure every meeting, every time entry, every team conference, and every phone call seamless and robust.
  • Construction Industry Apps
    • The Construction Industry uses a host of applications, both on site and in the cloud. Our engineers have expertise ensuring these applications are running strong and fast. Some of these applications need to be maintained on site, and some are in the cloud. Whether it’s on site or off site administration, on-boarding, or off-boarding, IPSOFACTO has excellent systems to give you the powerful connectivity you and your staff need to work happily, quickly, and efficiently.
  • Time Card Apps and Overtime
    • Whether your staff is out in the Mojave Desert or sitting at a desk, time tracking apps and overtime tracking are important to the any construction firm. IPSOFACTO knows how to ensure staff are easily accessing time card apps by any communication strategy. Low paid? High Paid? The time tracking is valuable no matter what kind of staff it is.
  • Data Management
    • Construction firms can amass data very quickly, due to use of applications like AutoCad, InDesign, or Revit. Blue-printing iteration files can really chew up data storage too. Managing huge stores of data in-house and in-the-cloud is one of our specialties. choosing the best data management strategies, based on budget, recovery, and location is very important to operations. Let us help design the best data management strategies.


If you’re a construction company or firm in Bay Area and need a little extra help with the heavy lifting on the tech side, we can help. We’re kind of like the foreman of IT. We build big networks, anywhere. Job site WIFI, Industrial, project scopes, wiring, relocations; we can handle it. If you’re in the field working we’re working. The idea here is more affordable, more efficient, more mobile IT support to keep you building your business with no worries or hiccups.

Let’s talk. We can help.