IT Services For Foundations

Joyful IT Services For San Francisco Foundations

IT Services For San Francisco Foundations

Since 1995, IPSOFACTO IT Services has been providing custom IT solutions and services to businesses and organizations throughout the Bay Area. Over the years a we’ve developed a knack for working with some amazing Foundations and Nonprofit corporations who are so busy making great changes in the Bay Area, that they needed a team they could trust for IT. A joyful team like, IPSOFACTO.

The busy world of running a successful foundation, public or private, creates a demand for technology to continue to stay up and running and moving forward. IPSOFACTO, IT Services has developed a custom approach to taking care of the IT and Tech needs specifically for nonprofit corporations and foundations in San Francisco. You could say we’re experts when it comes to IT Services for for foundations.

Outsourced IT Services For Foundations & Nonprofit Corporations

Enjoy The Benefits of Working With The Experts:

  • Joyful IT Services
    • IPSOFACTO for years pushed and shoved to be the best. Then we grew up and saw that our goal should be “TO BRING JOY TO IT”. IT made people happy and very unhappy. Our goal then became to smile through the IT pains, pursue Joy at work, offer staff benefits that bring them joy, going that extra mile to make people happy. While we are still striving to be the best, our attitude is Joyful and serene. Our Foundation clients are some of the happiest people we know, which is why IPSOFACTO is a perfect fit for serving, growing, and protecting the Technologies used by Foundations.
  • Ongoing IT Support and Strategy
    • IPSOFACTO has been in business since 1996. We have had many years to fine tune and refine our High-Touch service model. Our competitors seem to race to the low-bid bottom, cheapening their staff and services. IPSOFACTO makes sure our staff are well treated, our turnover is low, and that we feel happy to be at IPSOFACTO. Our ongoing support model lends itself to smart strategy and a fine approach to delivering sound and solid IT.
  • Full Time Project Management Team For Brilliant, Communicative and Fast Response Times
    • Most of our competitors put the PM and Admin on the IT engineers. Not at IPSOFACTO. We have have full time Project Managers and Full Time Account Managers to bring you the solace, communications, and comfort you need to feel good about advancing your technologies. Our extremely talented Project Managers communicate quickly, precisely, and frequently. Your account questions and answers are just a quick phone call away (no 800 number to a CSR in the far east). Our offices in Downtown SF are solid and well located near Montgomery Station. We are fast and local, ready to serve you wonderfully.
  • Love To Support The Work of Foundations
    • IPSOFACTO give to many charities and has a division that our staff pour their passion into for Stroke Victims and Autistic children. We are socially conscious and right-minded. We refuse any company that does bad business (with republicans, pipelines, weaponry, guns, are exploitation). We love to partner with Foundations who are chartered to support the people, the planet, the environment, peace, prosperity, healthy debate, healthy conflict resolution, and the fulfillment of the individual. Working with Foundations is such a treat, and we are so proud to work with our Foundation clients.

At IPSOFACTO, we don’t just manage your IT, Applications and Hardware. We work with your team to ensure uptime, progress, efficiencies and mobility. IPSOFACTO assigns a team of intelligent engineers to work with your staff. Save money, save time and enjoy productivity with your free’d up resources.

Our proven track record of delivering stellar IT services and tailored solutions to support Foundations gives us the experience to assist you as a partner in improving IT operations, systems management and support, so that you can focus on empowering change throughout San Francisco. Give us a call today to speak with our team.