Steve Boullianne - Owner

Steve with Family

Steve Boullianne has had a crazy life, mixing and mingling technologies with organic worlds.

Steve knows tech, and the clients at IPSOFACTO benefit from the tech-geniuses at IPSOFACTO and their deep love for technology.

At age 6, Steve’s first computer was an Apple, writing programs to grow and water tomatoes for his mom.

Steve’s first big ‘job’ out of college was in outer space, helping program satellites for AT&T. This was an awesome job.

In 1997, Steve came to SF to create cell phone networks and fix the Y2K problem. He joked, saying that working a half-day was from 6am to 6pm!

In 1998, Steve met two young geniuses and together they created, the one and only successful e-tailer of health and beauty products; which eventually became after a few M&As. Steve is very proud of

Steve with Young SonSteve’s true love is his 3 afrimerican / bi-racial sons. Raising them is eye-opening and painful. The insanity of raising afrimerican kids comes from the subtle (and not so subtle) racism of our community. Little things, like the way a teacher said, “Bad grades are normal for black kids”. Or when a Sports Authority manager attacked his 7-year-old son for holding a pogo-stick, yelling racist curse-words at him.

So much learning, but very hard learning. And yet, Steve’s boys are incredibly talented, beautiful, well-rounded, and generous people. They are winners!

Steve’s goal is still to combine technologies with organic worlds, teaching people that all birds should not be white chickens and all flowers should not be white daisies. Diversity and Variety are from the energy of our universe, without irrational fear or bias.

The values and processes at IPSOFACTO are based on Loving Kindness. Steve embodies compassion and empathy, with a firm foundation.

Steve says, “Let’s build a better world together with technology as a tool, and love for the people.”