Steve Boullianne founded IPSOFACTO in 1995.
His goal then was to mix technologies with organic and humane advancement.

The clients at IPSOFACTO benefit from our entrepreneurial spirit and our engineers’ deep love of technology.

Steve knows tech, it is in his family dating back to his grandfather’s business of streamlining milk and beer delivery to millions of people in the 1930’s. Got Milk? Got Joy!

At age 6, Steve’s first computer was an Apple 2E, writing programs to grow and water tomatoes for his mom.

Steve’s first big ‘job’ out of college was in outer space, helping connect and program satellite databases for AT&T. This was an awesome job.

In 1997, Steve came to SF to create cell phone networks (like satellite networks). He joked, saying that a half-day was working from 6 am to 6 pm!

In 1998, Steve met two entrepreneurs and together they built, the one only successful e-tailer of health and beauty products to come out of the dot-com rush. In 2000, (after a few M&As) owned our back end to start selling online. Steve is very proud of this story!

Steve with Young Son

Over the years, Steve understands that Love and Kindness rule in whatever situation may arise, whether caring for a person or caring for their technology. Even if the situation gets sticky, Love and Kindness are always the solutions.

The values and processes at IPSOFACTO are based on Loving Kindness. Steve embodies compassion and empathy, with a firm foundation, delivering the best technical solutions to clients.