IT (for very, very large homes)

IT (for very, very large homes)


IPSOFACTO works with billionaires who build very large homes.

Security and multimedia systems in large homes run on IT networks which we install and maintain. If you don’t have a network, you can’t have security or multimedia. So you need a network.  IPSOFACTO builds very secure networks for Security and Multimedia systems. Also, we hate hackers and kidnappers and they are kept out of our networks.

When we help build a house, we start at original design, working with A&D for home network security, laptop security, storage security, wireless security, accounting / home staff IT, iPhone safety, and safe rooms (for both art and humans).

After the house is built and the security and multimedia people are long gone, IPSOFACTO can fix security cameras, key readers, gates, gate and door phones, sensors, and everything else that runs on the network. Even pool rooms and movie theaters.

Call us if you’re helping build a very, very large home and have $1m+ to spend on IT, Security and MultiMedia. Or simply if you’re a billionaire and hate kidnappers and hackers as much as we do.