IT (for Extraordinary Homes)

Extraordinary Homes IT

Extraordinary Home Requirements:

  1. Whatsapp & Signal for encrypted messaging
  2. Protection of Home Network
  3. Protection / Geo-Fencing of Home Devices
  4. Easy reports for Estate Managers
  5. All Device Management & Serial Number Reporting
  6. On/Off Boarding House Staff
  7. Estate manager Support for Alarms, Gates, Cameras
  8. Confidential Information Protection
  9. Remote Wipe of all Home Devices
  10. Monthly Staff Reviews
  11. House Staff Productivity Reporting and Tracking
  12. Apple Business Account Management
  13. Dun and Bradstreet Management for Apple Home
  14. Function Profile Device Linking for Easy Onboarding
  15. Project Management for home build projects
  16. Asset Management and Tracking
  17. Active Track for Bad Staff lawsuit Control
  18. Cook and Nanny Management and Support

IPSOFACTO builds ultra-secure computer, wifi, and staff Networks for homes where safety and security in a home is very important.

Audio/Visual and Security Systems in large homes NEED extremely secure IT networks. Since 1996, IPSOFACTO installs and manages these types of networks.

More importantly, we build networks for Security and Multimedia systems so that electronic intrusion is never permitted in your homes.

Our process experience securing homes and offices has given us a leading reputation in California, Nevada, New York, and Hawaii.

When we build a home network, we start at original design: laptop security, storage security, wireless security, accounting / home staff IT, iPhone safety, and safe rooms (for both art and humans).

We maintain extremely thorough documentation on/off boarding house staff.

Once all the home systems for IT/AV/Security are installed, IPSOFACTO offers ongoing support plans to maintain security cameras, key readers, gates, gate and door phones, sensors, and everything else that runs on the network, including pool rooms and movie theaters.

Do you want to secure your home?

IPSOFACTO builds and manages high security networks for Tech Families and their homes in Atherton, Telluride, Napa, Hawaii, etc. Usually homes that run $10m to $50m.

Our reputation is based on building the best security platforms for Audio/Visual and Home Security systems, as well as ALL wireless technologies.

When UHNW families consider their homes to be places of high security, we prevent the kidnappers, the defrauders, the phishers, spoofers, and hackers from getting into home cameras, computers, key-readers, and even the security equipment installed to protect you.