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Job Description: Sr IT Engineer

If you’re already a Sr IT Engineer, you already know what we’re looking for in Networks, Back-ups, Virtualization, Voip, Cloud, WiFi. Names (MS, Apple, VMW, Cisco/Meraki, Veeam, OpenDNS, AWS, Azure, CP, AutoTask). You’ve done Desktop Support and lots of big projects.

You enjoy working on teams. You know communication is EVERYTHING. You know how to fill out tickets and tasks. You can work fast and respond quickly. You are NICE. You want to stay and work somewhere for a good long time instead of job hopping.

You like salary+commission+bonus, where you get rewarded for your good work. If you’re curious, we have awesome benefits.

Why work at IPSOFACTO and not at any other Outsourced IT Firm.

IPSOFACTO is a chill place to work. Quiet and Friendly.
We pay base salary, plus commission, plus bonus, plus profit sharing.
We have a great health care plan
We have a great 401k plan, which you will need when you’re over 55.
We have a wellness plan, for those who pursue non-traditional healthcare (tai-chi, massage…).
We offer 22 vacations days per year, plus National holidays (like July 4th…)
We have a $3000/yr education credit, where certifications earn raises.
Cell phone and Muni/Bart credits too.

Our team is mature and nice.
We are looking for miners. Not cowboys.
We are looking for independent team members, no co-dependents, please.
We are looking for people whose eyes brighten at the prospect of learning new IT. No IT h8ers, plz.
We are looking for people who have non-IT passions, like music or sports.
We are looking for people who want to move their bodies, visit clients, get around, do different IT tasks every day, meet new people. No veal-calves.
We are looking for people who want to stay at a job for 2-5 years (preferably 10), but we understand. No seasonal IT workers.
Our team consists of meditators and positive people who love life and what they do both inside and outside of the office. Come love life with us.
Our Vision Statement: To bring IT Joy to Downtown San Francisco via 50+ hour IT Projects.


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