Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft has done it again with the Azure platform and IPSOFACTO is proud to be on track with this cutting edge development providing Microsoft Azure solutions and implementation in the San Francisco Bay Area for all operating systems from PC’s and Linux to Azure Installation for Macs.

Azure is hybrid could application from Microsoft that allows organizations and its users the ability to take advantage of a number of capabilities. From a slick development dashboard for IT tasks and monitoring, the Azure platform is an open and flexible platform that you can use in many ways. The platform allows for companies to stay productive while reducing costs by using an effective outsourced IT service.

Azure For IT Management

From an IT position, Azure easily creates VM’s on demand (virtual machines), maintains persistent storage, deploys company applications and assists in the creation and management of API’s. The ability to have a data, servers, media, applications and software centrally located within the cloud is vital to improving efficiency for any company or organization, regardless of size.

This is by far one of the most practical and high performing solutions for any business that calls for IT management. Azure is greatly decreases the time it takes for on boarding and off boarding of employees as a well as many other tasks that can typically be time consuming and cumbersome for IT administrators.

The Microsoft Azure management portal is a web based interface that allows company administrators to administer just about every application or software that an organization would ever use. From desktop access, mobile management to single sign on user management Azure is highly scalable could solution with a suite of services. You can see a list of the features and benefits of Azure here. 

Contact us today to learn more about implementing Microsoft Azure into your San Francisco business or infrastructure. IPSOFACTO is local provider of Microsoft Azure solutions for Mac, PC and Linux.

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