Network Security San Francisco

Network Security in San Francisco with IPSOFACTO IT Service

Running IT security for a whole company by yourself is like running a marathon, not impossible but definitely not easy. You will be protecting many assets, data, and employees. Your internal IT team may cost you tons of cash and still use the old ideas and outdated technology trying to lock down your network. That is why you need to move to cloud services. It is a way of protecting your network from intrusion by sneaky hackers and attackers.

IPSOFACTO IT service has been known as the leading IT firm in San Francisco for more than two decades, due to its exemplary services. We have ensured that companies in Bay Area are well served in matters concerning network maintenance and security while ensuring operations are efficient. We are the partner you need when it comes to network protection. We are great at what we do and ensure that our clients are in good secure hands.

We have opened the OpenDNS Retailer in San Francisco which provides Domain Name System Services and web solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers a reliable and faster protection service than any other provider. It is a cloud-based security solution which helps you create a safer connection with your clients.

Some of its features include;

  • Malware and antivirus protection
  • Layered DNS security
  • Real-time onset and offset network protection
  • Web filtering
  • Active Directory integration

With services from us you get to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Our personal data gets protected, and you do not have to worry about outsiders accessing your business’ information. Also, the clients’ data is protected.
  • Hackers are dropped like a bad habit, we will stop anyone trying to harm your business.
  • Any information that is shared between computers, may it be between employees or from clients is safe.
  • We provide protection for private networks by closing them off from the Internet. This will keep them safe from any virus or unauthorized users.

If you need any network security in your firm or you want to learn more about OpenDNS in San Francisco, do not hesitate to contact IPSOFACTO IT Services. Our engineers are well trained and experienced and are great at providing protection services to serve organizations at their best.