On/Off Boarding House Staff

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In some Extraordinary Homes there are over 20 staff members: cooks, cleaners, nannies, handymen, bookkeepers, and so on. As with all businesses, staff ON/OFF Boarding is a reality. As an Extraordinary Homeowner, you must manage the off boarding of these staff for security reasons. In a recent situation with a well know tech entrepreneur, a fired cleaner’s boyfriend found her gate key was still working after 2 months and entered the house at 2am to hold the homeowner hostage for money. It was very sad. What is saddest is that the gate key still worked. IPSOFACTO has impeccable database systems to ON / Off Board staff. We do not miss a detail, not about their start and end date, not about the devices they use, bother personal and belonging to the Extraordinary Home, and exactly what data is coming and going during the final phase of separation.