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OpenDNS Partner In San Francisco

Running IT Security for the whole company is no easy feat. You’re protecting tons of assets, data and employees. A lot of those employees work off site or are mobile. Lovely.

Your internal team has spent tons of money on old ideas and quickly outdated technology in an attempt to lock down the network, but now everyone is talking about the big move to the cloud. The challenges of protecting your network from intrusion and malicious attacks grows in difficulty, just as fast as technology changes.

For over 20 years we have been seeing the challenges Bay Area companies face, when it comes to maintaining network security and protecting data while keeping up with operation efficiencies. Your organizations IT network, DNS, Hardware and assets need to be a top priority in IT Ops and Information Security. To ensure this priority is upheld to the highest standards, it takes a partner that understands the Importance.
IPOSOFACTO, IT Services – Your Partner In Network & DNS Security In San Francisco
IPSOFACTO is the partner you need when it comes to protecting your network. We’re great at what we do, we’re trusted by numerous firms, startups, VC’s, and governmental organizations throughout the Bay Area, but it’s not just because of our team. It comes back to partners. We have been a been partner of Cisco for a while now and this partnership has given us the opportunity to provide our clients with a high tech Cloud Delivered Enterprise Security Solution – Meet OpenDNS a product and service under the Cisco Umbrella.

OpenDNS Retailer In San Francisco

OpenDNS is a tech company based in San Francisco that provides Domain Name System services and web security solutions for homes, education, and government organizations and businesses of all sizes.

The OpenDNS system offers a faster and more reliable DNS service than any other provider. This high performance cloud based security solution has over 25 data centers worldwide and is powering more than 85 million users. OpenDNS allows us to help our clients creating a safer connection to internet for their users, both inside the office and out.

OpenDNS gives your company a multi-layered DNS security solution powered by the cloud. Traditional DNS security solutions are protecting access and control of your network on the permitter and the endpoint. OpenDNS predicts and stops threats before they even happen. The best part of OpenDNS is that they were recently acquired by Cisco and now play an integral part of the Cisco Security Umbrella.

Start Protecting Your Network Today with Layered Cloud Delivered DNS Security
  • Malware and Antivirus protection thats missed by the firewall.
  • Layered DNS Security.
  • Real Time Onsite and Offsite protection for any device.
  • Roaming & off network security for laptops.
  • Comprehensive, easy to use dashboard.
  • Web-Filtering.
  • API Integrations for service deliverability.
  • Active Directory Integration.
  • Predictive Security Enforcement
  • Centralized Control and Reporting.
Contact us to learn more about OpenDNS and the Cisco Umbrella for your San Francisco Firm. Our engineers are the best at taking a great product and customizing it to perfectly serve your organizations needs.

IPSOFACTO + OpenDNS + Cisco = “Bye bye network security threats”

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