Project Management for home build projects


During the last 25 years, whether the GC has provided a Project Manager or not, due to the controls we maintain over home technologies, we are involved in the comings and goings of LABORERS who come and leave the Extraordinary Homes of our clients Our function supports Project Managers. And as a result, we are Project Managers on every home labor project, because we know everything that is going on! Let us say the tile guy is coming on Friday. We would help make sure he comes on time, gets in, and gets out on time, in a controlled way. Let us say the pool attendant is asked to work on the pool grouting Monday – Thursday, when the systems will NOT allow him onto the property (he is only allowed on the property Friday from 10-3pm. We alter the systems to allow for him to access the property. At any time, there is a remodel, update, repair, or visit from a laborer, we are involved, supporting the Estate Manager in the comings and goings of laborers.