Remote Managed Secure Support

For 20 years, IPSOFACTO has been perfecting our reporting processes around SECURE hosted services tools. SECURITY is the key when you or your loved ones are logging in remotely to the cloud applications.

Here are the tools that IPSOFACTO recommends for a highly mobile workforce, or a workforce that WORKS FROM HOME

RMM (Remote Mgt & Monitor)
File Backups (yes, dropbox et al are NOT secured)
MDM (Mobile Device Mgt) Laptop
Screen Connector
MDM (Mobile Device Mgt) Phone & mobile screen
Email Backup (group backup)


This tool ensures that business devices are always safe and protected. Ipsofacto has integrated our other hosted services into this tool to provide beautiful and useful weekly reporting for an active office manager, owner, or CTO. RMM lets our staff push software updates, hardware updates and to remotely connect with a user’s computer or laptop (mac or pc) to provide remote control services, if and only if the user allows it.

Screen Connector

We offer TeamViewer and Splashtop. These are screen connectors user to firms which need access to workstations or servers that are located ‘in an office or anywhere on the planet or in space’. Screen Connector is often used for QuickBooks or other accounting systems; usually applications which run only on local computers in an office. Screen connector allows someone to attach to that computer, from their home computing systems, and drive that computer while looking at their home screen, as if they were sitting in front of that computer at work. This has been proven invaluable to companies and is an extremely cost-effective solution within distributed networks. As for connecting to a system, it is far superior to VPN, moreover, it is more secure and easy to use than VPN.


our hosted Anti-Virus system is a micro thin applet which uses an absolute minimum of processing power and electricity to operate. Daily, if not hourly calls to a Kaspersky focused Anti-Virus database keep it extremely up-to-date . Gone are the days when you load a fat and slow antivirus application onto your computer while it chews away at your processing power and speed, wasting energy and other resources.

File Backups

Our hosted file backup system guarantees that your team and your company will not lose valuable digital assets and IP. Whether the employee that deletes corporate assets did it on purpose or by mistake, in just seconds we can recover gigabytes of deleted files and rebuild systems and keep the teams moving efficiently. Many people think that Box, Google, and Dropbox, will safely guard their files. This is not true. If a folder or files are deleted from a laptop, the sync tool delete those files permanently. Sometimes these deletions are not discovered for weeks or months and are absolutely unrecoverable. This is a tragedy for accounting or financial firm required to store seven years of tax and financial records. Do not be fooled by syncing tools. They do not permanently guard your files. Protect your digital assets with IPSO-Archive.


We know viruses do not attack Apple like they do Windows, so now, Hackers have found a way around this impregnability using browsing, hacking and phishing applet repatriation. IPSOFACTO built an effective perimeter protect tool now integrated into your reporting software. Gone are the days when one employee can mistakenly download an applet and destroy the integrity of the entire team network. Repairing a team network is an extremely expensive and labor-intensive process, easily avoided when using IPSOFACTO’s anti-hack tool.

Email Backup

In an email environment such as Office 365 or Gmail, users have the power to delete files both on purpose or by mistake. Imagine you have a folder in Gmail with ten years of contact records between yourself and your best vendor. An assistant can delete this folder, this will delete all email permanently in that Gmail box, impossible to recover. By deleting the copy on your computer, the copy in Google will be deleted immediately. The longer it takes you to figure this out, the more likely that your files will be 100% unrecoverable. This is a tragedy, causing tremendous non-compliance headaches with the SEC for financial entities, VCs, Private Equity firms, or accounting firms. Do not believe that hosting your files or your email at Google or Office 365 will permanently protect them. There is no backup in their systems. Please protect your email.

MDM (Mobile Device Mgt)

Laptops, iPhones, Pixels, ipads, tracepads, mobile screen devices. These devices now have more computing power than Humans used to put a man on the moon (#don’tforgetbrainpower). These devices produce work for businesses as easily as moving them in and out of a pocket or a purse. Imagine having thousands of medical records on one of these mobile devices, and your employee either quits, or loses the device, or it is stolen. You need to have control over the areas of storage on these devices which contain your company intellectual property and digital assets. Our MDM systems can add software, remove software, control authorization, and fully wipe a stolen mobile device. This isn’t rocket science, but it is extremely valuable, especially to a funded startup where compliance regulations or medical, laboratory, or fintech can get them into compliance trouble if any of the client privacy laws are violated or the company IP goes missing. Startups cannot afford bad press like that. Protect mobile devices using MDM. A no-brainer.


While VPN is an ancient technology, it is still useful for creating secure pipes between physically separated networks. IPSOFACTO does not advise using VPN to connect to devices on a single network, and prefer that you use our faster, easier, more reliable, and more secure screen sharing tools. VPN is excellent for connecting physically separated networks and offices. VPN comes two ways: 1. A hardware VPN located on your firewall. Well this would be the most obvious use of the firewall connecting one firewall to another, VPN encryption will often tax a firewall tremendously, shorten the life of the firewall, and cause the firewall to break , perhaps even within a year from being overused. There are now hosted VPN systems which is cause babe cloud-based technologies in order to connect disparate networks. Ask us how that works, it’s pretty neat, one of the major advantages to using posted VPN solutions, is it takes the VPN encryption processing requirement away from the firewall and keeps it in a cloud based computing environment Which is not yours and you do not need to pay to maintain.