Technology Distribution

San Francisco Technology Distribution


IPSOFACTO is a 22 year old Technology Installation firm in Downtown San Francisco, Distributing Hardware and Software Services to hundreds of clients in the Bay Area, with single or multiple offices, start-ups and mature companies.

Supported Services are: Systems Engineering, Office technologies, Data and Analysis services, and most recently:  IAC (Infrastructure as Code) and AI.

IPSOFACTO is looking to expand into Drone support, Self-driving cars, LTE and IOT, and other areas of artificial intelligence.

  1. What are our capabilities? What can we do for you?

We are a full service Rep for hardware and software from varying vendors. If you want a foothold in the Downtown SF Marketplace and don’t want to spend $5m to open an office, hire staff, wait to have a culture, we are happy to Learn-Market-Promote-Sell-Install-Maintain your product or service through partnership.  Additional office space is available for your traveling staff.

  1. What kind of company would want to benefit from these capabilities?

Right now, San Francisco is the planetary epicenter for AI, Self-Driving Vehicles, Sofware Development in transportation, Air, agriculture, and manufacturing. If you are in a Verticle like this and you have a hot product, and you want to have offices here, you can have them now, quickly. Our team is happy to take on understanding your product for promotion.

  1. How big/attractive (size/growth/margins etc.) is the market for these capabilities

Money is flowing freely in San Francisco. Small firms are growing and building themselves with local available technologies. If you have an important Product or Service, it is not the time to miss out.

  1. Branding Concerns

As with all products we Rep, they are ALWAYS under your brand, never ours. We are merely part of your team. Our office infrastructure is yours to use.

  1. Connected:

IPSOFACTO is connected. It is a name known throughout DTSF and the Bay Area for 22 years. If you need contacts with any groups, adjunct firms, legal or financial support, we are able to provide tested support.


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