• Without the help of IPSOFACTO, this Estate and all its technology would be very hard to manage and keep up with. We’re so pleased that our owners and friends all use IPSOFACTO so that everyone in our community has the same extremely secure services. We have 13 staff in this house (included me!) and the turn-over is very high. Our friends at IPSOFACTO help me on/offboard staff quickly, easily, after hours and weekends, any time, AND they can alert me if that staff person is angry, attacking our owners on line, or trying to get back into our Atherton community. None of us her want a person like that in our midst, and our friends at IPSOFACTO are keeping Atherton and it’s houses safe.

    Every time one of our owners wants to add new technology to the house, like a Facebook screen or Tablet, or a chef wants a calorie counting cooking application on an ipad in the kitchen, IPSOFACTO will get the tech, install it, and secure it immediately. And if our owners don’t like it, IPSOFACTO well get rid of it safely.

    Thank God for IPSOFACTO. How wonderful to have them here with us.

    Atherton Estate Manager

    Atherton Estate ManagerIPSOFACTO client since 2005
  • Thank you.

    IT was an outstanding performance and accomplishment.

    Truly appreciated all of the collective efforts.

    Joan M. Pacelli

    Joan M. PacelliImage Financial & Insurance Services of N. CA
  • We just completed an office move and IPSOFACTO managed the entire process. The IPSOFACTO team dealt with network, voice and equipment vendors, moved the hardware and installed everything. They did excellent, professional work and managed everything on time and on budget. We couldn’t have asked for more.
    Mitchell k

    Mitchell kHWVP
  • I’m not a systems engineer, but making sure the office is a comfortable and efficient place to work is part of my job. We are grateful for a talented team that can quietly and quickly do all the IT work needed to keep our start up moving. The ongoing support and projects are done by clear communicators who are patient, provide high-quality support, and are able to collaborate with our HQ in Germany.  Whatever we need done, we just say it… and it happens, fast. We highly recommend IPSOFACTO.
    Margaret J

    Margaret JREMERGE
  • In the 20 years I've been working with my current firm, we've had six IT firms managing our network. All of them started out pretty well: responsive, knowledgeable, with decent interpersonal skills. With one exception, all of them went steadily downhill after the first few years. That exception is IPSOFACTO. Now in our sixth year with IPSOFACTO, I find their service to be exactly as competent, responsive, and helpful as they were when we first became their client.


    Eric M.

    Eric M. San Francisco, CA
  • IPSOFACTO is a fantastic IT firm! They are very professional, they get things done when they say they will have them finished always on time.

    Steve and Roche are a perfect team to work with and are very supportive of our business and they got to know you. We will not work with any other IT firm other then IPSOFACTO!

    Robert A.

    Robert A.Daly City, CA
  • We've been working with Ipsfacto for several years. They absolutely saved us from a near network disaster. As a small company without a dedicated IT department, we really need a company that treats us like a partner and we've found this with Ipsofacto. I completely trust their expertise, advice, and support.
    Molly F.

    Molly F.San Francisco, CA
  • IPSOFACTO, IT services is our vendor of choice for all of our Internal IT needs. Whether it is for networking our computers and printers, or managing our firewalls and databases, it is truly a relief to have a partner who makes sure we are always safe and up to date. I have also recommended Ipsofacto to a number of my clients and they report the same satisfaction that we have had over the years.
    Cameron D.

    Cameron D.Burlingame, CA
  • The customer care we receive from IPSOFACTO is second to none! They really handle all of our I.T problems with such care and so quickly, it is nice to work with a company who is so on top of things, the response time is awesome which is so hard to find.

    On top of that every technician we work with has been so nice, friendly and helpful.

    Really great service. Thanks!

    M. F.

    M. F. San Francisco, CA