The hackers punish Lazy-bones Jones

The hackers punish Lazy-bones Jones

He said, yawning…. “I like my 20 year old password! I’m a nice guy and not a tech billionaire. They’ll ignore me. I’m immune to hacks and my dog-name password is superhard to guess.”

Cyber Security protection IpsofactoCybercrime; one computer can hack 120,000 computers per day; every day. Now imagine an Uzbek warehouse with 2,000 computers working 24/7/365. Those five year old security systems are no match for new-and-improving intrusion strategies done by zom-bot-computers. Even if you’re a broke-ass Lazy-bones Jones with only $100 in your savings account, DON’T let them steal it. Digi-thieves stole $100 billion in six years. Millions of accounts have lost money. And even a few ‘grandma-grampa-nice-guys-not-tech-billionaires’ have lost millions…whole retirement accounts.

Entire bank and cryptocurrency accounts get drained overnight. Last year showed that $16 billion was taken from 15.4 million U.S. consumers. About $100 each…

What to do?

MFA and TFA. (learn these). Multi-Factor Authentication and Two-Factor Authentication are the De Facto standard now. Just like with your bank, MFA/TFA will be used every time you insert a password, anywhere, for everything, and that most definitely will include your EMPLOYER’S network. Yes, your work network will have security measures just like your bank does, and that’s GOOD, because even if you only have $100, companies have more. And they have many users connecting all day long. With MFA/TFA you can put an app on your phone and get codes that way (called an Authenticator App, I use one). Or, you can get codes on your cell phone, but then you’ll give out your cell number more then you may want. And I don’t like that. Embrace the change, and don’t be an LBJ. Not ever.

Steve Boullianne, Multiple post-graduate degrees, Mind/Body/Spirit enthusiast, & a member of Mensa. Loves Skiing, Scuba, and Food. Steve’s First job out of college was programming satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, e-Commerce super success, 2.1 boom. Steve is ready to Mediate high quality for all life, our one planet, and human kindness. Loves to dance and tell jokes. Steve believes that Excellent Communication is key to human success (and failure). Steve has 3 sons who are his STARS. They will carry the world into a brilliant future. Since 1996, Steve has been a volunteer drug and alcoholism counselor in the Bay Area. The power of the Great Spirit is in you. Steve is a good friend to have.


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