Whatsapp & Signal for encrypted messaging

Staff Management IT

The residents of Extraordinary Homes may be surveilled by digital criminals due to their personal wealth. Email is not generally a secure way to communicate. So far, we have found that communicating with our partners by WhatsApp and Signal, both of which use very strong encryption, is a better way to avoid digital criminals. We are very strict with our clients private moments, AND we keep our communications safe, secure, archived, easily searchable, and extremely encrypted.

With Signal: communications are encrypted point-to-point and stored using Encryption.

WhatsApp: is a free service and they use and sell all your data (it’s free). All of it. Point to point, it is encrypted. However, it is stored raw, which allows them to sell all the details. For cyber-pricks to heist your message, they’d need to drill into the WhatsApp Databases, rather then merely point and intercept (It’s encrypted). Interception is how 99% of communications are heisted. So WhatsApp is a great method for security, only if you’re ok being tracked and having your personal details sold to the highest bidd-r.