Home Services

  1. Whatsapp & Signal for encrypted messaging
  2. Protection of Home Network
  3. Protection / Geo-Fencing of Home Devices
  4. Easy reports for Estate Managers
  5. All Device Management & Serial Number Reporting
  6. On/Off Boarding House Staff
  7. Estate manager Support for Alarms, Gates, Cameras
  8. Confidential Information Protection
  9. Remote Wipe of all Home Devices
  10. Monthly Staff Reviews
  11. House Staff Productivity Reporting and Tracking
  12. Apple Business Account Management
  13. Dun and Bradstreet Management for Apple Home
  14. Function Profile Device Linking for Easy Onboarding
  15. Project Management for home build projects
  16. Asset Management and Tracking
  17. Active Track for Bad Staff lawsuit Control
  18. Cook and Nanny Management and Support

Our Services

Guest & House Staff Access

IPSOFACTO has extremely tight processes to on and off board house staff, the administration of Key Cards and Fobs, access levels to home information and password controls. Whether it is the landscaper who logs into the home WIFI or the jilted Boyfriend who comes onto the property late at night, IPSOFACTO stops all accesses of all kinds until HOMEOWNER PERMISSION GRANTED.

WiFi Security

WIFI is very convenient and there are bad, and excellent WIFI systems. Frequently homeowners are recommended low quality WIFI equipment which is a poor fit for an extraordinary home. IPSOFACTO offers free WIFI audits to provide HOMEOWNERS with an excellent platform for personal use, as well as AV and Security application management.

Home Systems

Extraordinary Homes have extraordinary HOME SYSTEMS. Not only do we see Audio Visual that is extraordinary, we also see home control systems for water pressure, water temperature, window dressing control systems, swimming pool, sauna, theater, guest quarters, safe rooms, and child / nanny cam systems. ALL of these systems run on a mix of wired and WIFI networks that absolutely need to be perfectly managed. Cheap or low-quality networks cannot manage these connectivity protocols, and if done poorly, will cause stress and heartache later, especially if there is a physical infrastructure that is poorly installed by a thoughtless General Contractor, who is usually not a technical security authority.

Security Systems

Extraordinary Homes have extraordinary Security SYSTEMS. Not only do we see 20 to 50 cameras, we also see fingerprinting to access laptops, facial recognition, key fobs to access certain regions of the house (home office or upstairs master bedroom). We also see gate readers (specifically for gardeners) and restroom tracking systems for use by handy-men and other trades doing home maintenance. ALL of these Security systems run on a mix of wired and WIFI networks that absolutely need to be perfectly managed. Cheap or low-quality networks cannot manage these connectivity protocols, and if done poorly, will cause stress and heartache later, especially if there is a physical infrastructure that is poorly installed by a thoughtless General Contractor, who is usually not a technical security authority.

Data Storage

Homes also store data and some of it is secured away from the lack of security found in the cloud or other non-home vendor. Let’s say you’re a VC and don’t want to put extremely sensitive information in drop box or box because it is not encrypted and no secure. We build home clouds that are only accessible to certain home users. These are ideal places to store pictures, home movies, and private movies, so that hackers cannot remove private video content or private business content from easy-to-hack cloud vendors.

Cloud Accounts

The Owners of extraordinary homes use unencrypted Cloud Accounts, at google, box, apple, drop box, and so on. There are excellent ways to secure these cloud accounts, and to make sure systems are not being hacked or intercepted by Internet intruders who use password apps to spoof and steal passwords. INTERNET perimeter-protect solutions as well as keys are the way to go to ensure privacy in the cloud.

Mobile Devices

Everyone’s got a SmartPhone nowadays. Unfortunately, they’re super easy to break into even when they have face recognition and fingerprint buttons. A stolen Iphone of an Extraordinary HOMEOWNER can be easily broken into the data removed. With control over mobile devices, the phone can be wiped remotely by a proper application which protects mobile devices.

Email Security

IPSOFACTO has extremely tight processes to manage email, slack, and text use. Internet Intruders and email/slack hackers like to impersonate users and then give instructions to contacts which are false. Instructions to bill pay agencies or home accounting firms that request ACH transfers for what seem like normal things, like buying new countertops from Italy, $66k. Please pay this vendor, at xyz routing and account number. IPSOFACTO can stop and secure email with our precision systems, without ever irritating the user.

Wired LAN

Extraordinary homes use WIFI but sometimes they require physical LAN ports that some equipment will need to plug in, such as home control systems or security cameras. These ports must be managed, the devices must be prioritized and controlled. You would not want a cleaning staffer to plug in their own camera to your network and have it transfer data in order to know when you are home or not.

Wealth Manager IT Support

Extraordinary homes work with financial managers, bookkeepers, and CFOs to maintain accounting from a home office. Either personal or home equipment will be used. IPSOFACTO supports high-level home support staff to access, and not access HOMEOWNER data, and provide reports for when in and when OUT of home systems. For cleaning staff or landscaping staff, accessing private home data is not required, and so keeping them out is defacto. However, with high level accounting and financial support staff, they must go into the private home networks and data and so management of their accesses becomes defacto, and this is a lot more complicated that you would thing, due to timing, turn over, and support levels. We have very close with all of Silicon Valley HOME ACCCOUNTING firms and enjoy personally supporting them, their staff, and their account managers. IPSOFACTO gives annual security presentations to the top HOME ACCOUTING firms in the Silicon Valley.

Staff Management ITIPSOFACTO builds ultra-secure computer, wifi, and staff Networks for homes where safety and security in a home is very important.

Audio/Visual and Security Systems in large homes NEED extremely secure IT networks. Since 1996, IPSOFACTO installs and manages these types of networks.

More importantly, we build networks for Security and Multimedia systems so that electronic intrusion is never permitted in your homes.

Our process experience securing homes and offices has given us a leading reputation in California, Nevada, New York, and Hawaii.

When we build a home network, we start at original design: laptop security, storage security, wireless security, accounting / home staff IT, iPhone safety, and safe rooms (for both art and humans).

We maintain extremely thorough documentation on/off boarding house staff.

Once all the home systems for IT/AV/Security are installed, IPSOFACTO offers ongoing support plans to maintain security cameras, key readers, gates, gate and door phones, sensors, and everything else that runs on the network, including pool rooms and movie theaters.

IT for Home Security

Do you want to secure your home?

IPSOFACTO builds and manages high security networks for Tech Families and their homes in Atherton, Telluride, Napa, Hawaii, etc. Usually homes that run $10m to $50m.

Our reputation is based on building the best security platforms for Audio/Visual and Home Security systems, as well as ALL wireless technologies.

When UHNW families consider their homes to be places of high security, we prevent the kidnappers, the defrauders, the phishers, spoofers, and hackers from getting into home cameras, computers, key-readers, and even the security equipment installed to protect you.