How To Delete Google Apps Duplicate Contacts

How To Delete Google Apps Duplicate Contacts

Issue: Duplicate contacts for Google apps on Outlook and Blackberry

Affects: Blackberry smartphones and Google Apps accounts


Sometimes users will notice that their contacts are duplicating sometimes multiple times. This seems to be a known and relatively common issue. Unfortunately the fix takes some time and involves wiping the Blackberry.

Step 1: Log into the web interface of the client ( and run the “find duplicates” script for the contacts. If there are too many contacts for the script to run (usually over 5000) then you will have to manually delete them until it will run.

Step 2: Verify that there are no more duplicate contacts.

Step 3: Delete the Outlook profile and re-run the Google Sync application. Setup a new profile and do not import anything. This fixes the duplicate issue in Outlook as it will pull down the updated contact database with no duplicates.

Step 4: On the Blackberry remove all sync data by going to the sync application and going to “delete”. This can take up to an hour or more to remove. Then do a full backup of the blackberry and a security wipe (leaves SIM data alone).

Step 5: Once the Blackberry comes back up, re-download and run the sync application and sync the contacts and calendars. Then on the phone email setup, setup the personal email account but do NOT sync the contacts when it asks you. This will allow for the mail to flow through the normal blackberry mail interface and the calendar/contacts to pull from Google.

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