If you’re faced with infrastructure that is hard to scale cost-effectively, you can now partner with IPSOFACTO for IAC.

IAC (Infrastructure as Code) helps you centralize your infrastructure so that servers and hardware are no longer fixed; they become dynamic.

Nowadays, IT Managers need the SERVICE, not the SERVER… or the firewall… or the email application…or the db. In IAC, all working components of the network are template based and a snap to manage. This is all new stuff, coming at you now. Get ready for it.

IAC makes your entire infrastructure nothing more than a config file. IPSOFACTO Sets up your environment, enabling you to build your firm fast and outpace your competitors, who are often slogging away with a bloated, unknown, and unmanageable infrastructure.

Save Money

  • Error recovery OR even Developer Sabotage is very easy to fix.
  • System Recovery Strategy is clear and simple.
  • Move clouds in a snap, NO more getting locked into a high cost of moving infrastructure (clouds can’t trap you anymore).
  • Save money as a cloud agnostic user.
  • Administration overhead hours go down 91%.
  • Hire/Fire new administrators in a snap. No brain-trust holding you hostage.
  • New Scaling saves 20%.

Make Money

  • Build new infrastructure extremely quickly.

Scale Very Easily

  • Horizontal- Now you can scale for FREE
  • Vertical- make stacks faster and cheaper thanks to visibility
  • Move DB’s, attach to new Apps. In a snap- sell your scale to clients.
  • Application visibility is 100% so your ability to change courses and meet client needs increases billable revenue.