Our Clients

IPSOFACTO. Our Expertise provides peace of mind.

Consider a more civilized approach to IT, one infused with calmness, focus and methodic organization. That’s the balance IPSOFACTO brings, a certain steadiness to the proverbial table.  It’s no wonder we boast an extraordinarily low turn over rate of employees, with some of our top engineers on staff for over a decade.

Striving to create more skillful, long-term, information based relationships, Civilized IT has our engineers working in teams to provide the most efficient client solutions. IPSOFACTO’s dedication and determination assures our clients receive the highest caliber of services and systems, capabilities normally found at only the top IT firms servicing Fortune 100 companies.

IPSOFACTO makes standout services and systems – including managed inventory, remote monitoring and support, virtualization and hosting, budgeting, project management, time, and communication tracking systems – more readily available to smaller companies.

How we do what we do so well.

Our dedication to each client is evinced by our more efficient, intelligent approach to IT opportunities for growth. Three engineers and an account manager are assigned to each and every client. All Senior Level Engineers are multi-disciplinary, while each engineer is individually trained in complex IT verticals, including SAN storage, Cisco networking components, Windows applications, hosted systems, document management systems, and a multitude of others. IPSOFACTO’s internal experts oversee any additional need for specialized, qualified technology talent.