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The heart of the Bay Area, Startups. We all know San Francisco, The Bay Area, and Silicone Valley are the mecca of startups. Welcome to the hustle. In order to keep up with the fast paced demands of this world, startups in SF need the tech and IT support of an experienced team. That’s us. Since 1995, IPSOFACTO has partnered with some of the best fast-growth startups in the bay area. Tech startup or not, businesses today rely on information technology (IT) some more than others. Applications, software, hardware, accounts, communication, storage, and security… the list goes on. That same list continues to grow just as fast as your businesses does. Funding and budgets are a top priority, making the most out of what’s available. It’s important to make it to the next round of funding. Equally important are production, revenue, security, mobility, and asset management. These are all things we are very familiar with at IPSOFACTO, some would even say we’re experts. We’ve been there and we have supported numerous startups through this process by providing custom IT solutions that are tailored towards each individual startup. We’ll stay on top of the tech and IT while you stay on top of your idea. We’re not just another a vendor, we’re your partner IT and our team is your team.

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We Are Experts At:

  • Speed
    • You got the money and now it’s time to get your engines red hot and get to 50,000 feet, fast. You need resources, IT resources. We are fast. So fast because we’ve been building fast growth companies for 20 years. Partnered with some of the largest VC firms in the world (references offered), we know the value of Speedy delivery. In fact, Speed is built into our core values.
  • On-Boarding
    • Five employees just got hired and start Monday. OMG. Just send us a ticket to and your support team will have Five employees perfectly on-boarded on Monday. IPSOFACTO is better than any IT firm in the Bay Area for documenting and reporting. When we partner with a Fast-Growth firm, we build the IT Manual, which includes On-Boarding and Off-Boarding policies and procedures. Whether it’s our team or yours, the IT Manual is the holy grail, over the long time horizon, keeping everyone on track and on point.
  • Off-Boarding
    • On-boarding may seem tricky or easy, depending on your viewpoint. However, off-boarding is a scream (and not the good one). Imagine a developer with administrator privileges to 50+ SAAS applications, with project data, code, text, procedural info, notes, receipts, travel, ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Just making sure that employee does not ….still log in after 2 years…is a really big deal. Since we keep immaculate documentation, when you employee leaves, they really do leave. No claws left behind, to hurt you later, as you grow your business to excellence.
  • Cloud Apps
    • Having an awesome staff means having great systems that they’re working in. Face it, bad systems ruins the best employees. Cloud apps are part of your systems, and the mis-management of them, and the poor administration of them are nowadays considered the ‘holes in the boat’. Untracked licensing, over payments, over usages, wrong teams, untrained users…all of these things lead to inefficient and unhappy staff. If you’re going to nail it, you need happy staff (at the staff events) and happy staff cranking out the future on good systems, using well-managed cloud apps.
  • Best WIFI Experts In The Bay Area (guaranteed)
    • Start ups live on WIFI. Our favorite expression is “How do I plug into the WiFi”. But the sad truth is that a bad WiFi, and startups often have really bad WiFi….because they install lame ones when they are small and those get worse and worse over time….adding on new staff numbers. IPSOFACTO owns FIDI-WIFI and we are the best WIFI installers in the Bay Area. Let us at least see if you’re WiFi is even working correctly. Let us give you relief, and hopefully install your next awesome WiFi for the next 10 years.