The Importance of MDM in 2019

The Importance of MDM in 2019

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The Importance of MDM in 2019

It’s no surprise that mobile devices have surpassed the usage rates of PCs. With the average person’s schedule being hectic in our current society, the need for mobile devices will only continue to grow. With the popularity of mobile devices growing, it’s only smart that mobile device management becomes a larger focus for companies. Not only is it a handy aspect to have in general but, it ensures security issues are kept to a minimum. Protecting your company while boosting productivity and keeping up with changing technology is a must. This is why mobile device management is a must.

Safety and Security

With the rise of mobile device usage also comes the rise of various new safety and security issues. Although handy, mobile devices pose new risks and issues that have to be accounted for. Search Mobile Computing states that 64% of IT managers believe that lost or stolen mobile devices pose a security threat or liability. Of course, they’re correct. For example, in the news recently, a medical professional left his laptop in his car and the laptop was stolen. Since the laptop had sensitive and private information of patients, the man was sued and lost. The last thing any company needs is a lawsuit on their hands. Mobile device management is a must if for this reason alone.

Mobile device management is important because it allows companies to keep their employees in check. Not that all employees are out to cause issues. However, sometimes, employees don’t realize there may be some breaches they’re causing. Having mobile device management in place protects them, protects you, and protects clients/customers. Not to mention, it will allow your company and employees to flourish since mobile device usage offers some pretty useful perks.

Some of these perks include an automated process. It allows devices to easily connect and be “up to date” with all that’s needed for it to be used with your company. Further, with aspects such as device usage history, you can ensure that you’re always aware of any activity occurring on the company’s system.

Higher Productivity

Having mobile devices means that employees can have a flexibility in accomplishing their job. Not to mention, with mobile device management, policies can be enforced. This means, more control over policies being broken which means there’s less time spent fixing issues from broken policies. On top of this, Search Mobile Computing state that, “use of mobile devices can reduce demand for technical support by as much as 20%.” Therefore, not only are you able to keep your employees on a straight path as far as policies are concerned but, technical support funds and resources can be freed up as well.

Overall, mobile device management allows your company to be up to date with current technology usage trends. Not to mention, it takes all the new security and safety concerns about mobile device usage and puts them to rest. With a low cost, mobile device management is a must, especially for safety and company growth.

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