IPSOFACTO: Trust Us With Your Life!

We're trained in Covid19 awareness

You know it! In these Hack-Attack and Ultra-High Network Security times, you must protect the health of your computer systems while confining during Covid19.

Our Engineers, now more than ever, MUST secure and manage computer devices! Those jobless junkies and lawless countries increasingly ransack the first world to steal your digital wealth and attack your lifestyles and families.

NOW more than ever, IPSOFACTO will protect your computers and mobile devices. That must be done. No discussion.

We’re sterile! For us to touch your computers and mobile devices, IPSOFACTO takes Covid19 preparedness and cleanliness to a new level. Our engineers have been trained in Covid19 awareness and have been working in sterile environments for years. With Covid19 precautions to be taken very seriously, we remain, as always, obsessed with cleanliness.

Before going into your technology spaces, or when meeting with humans or staff, we take serious precautionary measures because we are obsessed with cleanliness:

  • Use of new gloves each visit
  • Hands and forearms sanitized
  • Keyboard/work area wipe down
  • New mask with each visit
  • Temperature read
  • Secure sanitized vehicles
  • Outdoor in-person tech meetings

IPSOFACTO: Trust Us With Your Life!