Changes in IT

Changes in IT

New Year Changes In IT

A new year undoubtedly brings excitement, new goals, milestones and change. In the world of tech and IT these are typically always a constant. Before we look at the biggest IT challenge of 2017 , it’s important to first understand what the new year looks like for IT leaders, companies and their technical staff.

We were lucky to find a great IT forecast of 2017 put together by TEKsystems. Take some time read it over. It’s packed full of some great information that explores perceptions and expectations of over 700 IT leaders across the country that were surveyed about their organizations spending, in-demand skills, technology and trends that they see as an impact in the upcoming year.

As an IT Services Firm in San Francisco we are happy to see that this survey and many other resources show budgets in the new year have bounced back and many executives expect to be spending more on IT and Tech in 2017 vs. 2016. Some key areas of spending increase will be between improving and implementing new core IT and operational systems.

Comparing The Years in IT

Last year was a big year for organizational spending on IT along with Marketing & Sales, totaling 69% of expenditures. 2017 has shifted budgets from Marketing and Sales to Operations. With IT and operations rounding up 77% of organizational spend. Due to IT and technology now playing a role in just about every organizational functions, IT spend jumps to 48% of the seventy seven percent total. When we mentioned “exciting” earlier, this is what we meant. It’s exciting for us to see IT is such a big area of focus for the upcoming year.

One of the big changes in 2017 for a lot of companies, large or small is to continue or complete their digital transformation. Only about 6% of companies surveyed report that they are “ahead of the curve” keeping the average of these organizations at a “steady pace” or “well into the process”. This is a big change for a lot of companies throughout San Francisco. Yes, the bay area is considered the tech capital, although some of the traditional businesses throughout the Bay Area are well behind the curve. Amongst the continued effort to drive change with the digital transformation of business and operations, organizations say the below is expected to be some of the biggest changes they expect to happen in 2017.

  •   Increased Spend & Usage of Cloud Services
  •   Data Center Consolidation
  •   Digital Transformation
  •   Legacy Transition & Modernization
  •   Improving Security Initiatives
  •  Application Development, Upgrades or Replacement
  •  Corporate Growth & Systems Expansion


IPSOFACTO, takes a civilized approach to corporate IT. We offer a high level implementation of operational and efficiency based IT solutions and practices. Our methodology behind our IT services in San Francisco is to increase security, ease of use, communication and efficiencies of an organization all while reducing risk and cost compared to an internal IT department. Our offering as an outsourced IT services firm in 2017 matches well with statistical vision and outlook we’ve seen from IT forecasts for 2017, making IPSOFACTO, a great partner for any SF – Bay Area business that are looking to implement new tech based operational systems or improving their core IT.

If you find yourself reading this, saying, “that’s us”, give us a call to request a free consultation and analysis of your current infrastructure.

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