How The Cloud Is Being Used By Small Businesses and Start Ups

How The Cloud Is Being Used By Small Businesses and Start Ups

Small Businesses, Startups and the Cloud

San Francisco Cloud Services IT FIrmCloud computing has really taken off in the past few years. There is no better evidence of the fact stated above than that according to Forbes, over 37% of US business utilize cloud computing. Cloud computing is where an application or data is stored on the internet instead of on a local server. IT Firms in San Francisco, like IPSOFACTO, have partnered up with cloud services providers such as Microsoft Azure and are making small business lower their IT cost and become competitive quickly.

The following are various ways in which cloud computing is benefiting small business and start-ups:

Cost Reduction

The biggest advantage comes from not having to purchase the physical equipment it would require to host data on a local server. There is a lot to be saved on software license fees as well. A start-up can now function seamlessly without an IT department meaning reduced labor costs as well. The initial capital outlay is small and operational expenses are also curtailed to a bare minimum. It leaves a lot of free cash flow to be used for marketing and expansion. Business utilized the specialized knowledge that cloud services providers offer which is undoubtedly better than having an IT department meaning they get higher quality services for lower prices.

Increased Maneuverability

Given that all the data and software platforms an entrepreneur needs are all online, all they require is an internet connection and they are good to go. Businesses are utilizing cloud computing to increase their mobility. Maneuverability and or mobility is particularly vital for start-ups which are competing for new customers and constantly have to be on the move. The company no longer has to be worried about any shortfall of data. It is all right there ready to be accessed. Mobility could be the difference between landing a client or not.


Small businesses and start-ups are also taking advantage of cloud computing services to improve their security. Physical theft of data is completely ruled out because there is no physical location from which to steal data. Break-ins are no longer a problem in this regard. They are also secure in case their hardware gets damaged by an agent whatsoever. As long as they have the information to access the cloud, they can access the data. Cloud computing services are also incredibly secure not to mention that all the data is backed up on cloud theft. It is almost impossible to lose data when using a cloud based server.


It is easier to connect devices that are utilizing cloud based tools than it is to do so with non-cloud based devices. Integration of devices easily into a network improves communication and streamlines work processes since large amounts of data can be accessed from multiple devices simultaneously. No one is left out of the loop. Such an organization, one in which everyone is on the same page, is bound for success. More so, if such integration starts from the beginning of the company.

Better ROI

The fact that operational costs lower while receiving higher quality services increases profitability. Business are hence using cloud computing to be more efficient, turning higher profits. The increased returns can be used to look for other opportunities to invest speeding up growth and increasing scale. Businesses can new reach new markets faster and with larger ROIs are able to attract more investors.

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