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Security Systems

Our wired and WIFI networks are perfectly managed for cameras, fingerprinting to access laptops, facial recognition, key fobs to access certain regions of the house (home office or upstairs master bedroom), gate readers (specifically for gardeners), and restroom tracking systems for use by handy-men and other trades doing home maintenance.

Home Systems

Perfectly managed wired and WIFI networks control home systems for water pressure, water temperature, window dressing control systems, swimming pool, sauna, theater, guest quarters, safe rooms, and child / nanny cam systems.

Guest & House Staff Access

Our extremely tight processes include stop all accesses to on and off board house staff, the administration of Key Cards and Fobs, access levels to home information, and password controls. You control when the landscaper or jilted boyfriend accesses your system.

Our 20 years of passion and expertise securing homes and offices has given us a leading reputation in California, Nevada, New York, and Hawaii. Our reputation is based on building the best security platforms for Audio/Visual and Home Security systems, as well as ALL wireless technologies. What are you missing in your home?


Are you ready for an extraordinary home security option?