Keep Your Startup or Small Businesses Secure

Keep Your Startup or Small Businesses Secure

Network Security For Startups and Small Businesses in San Francisco

Small to mid-sized businesses form the vast majority of companies in the SanFrancisco and the Silicon Valley. Typically thought of as having up to 500 employees, the SMB’s and startups don’t always have the luxury of IT security and engineers that the large enterprises can afford, though they still face the same threats.

These small businesses or newly funded startups in the bay area are a vital part of our economy. Their ability to protect their proprietary data is essential to growth and maintaining a competitive edge. While at the same time, nothing is more important than the reputation of these fast growth companies, their customers naturally expect personal and financial data to be kept secure, and a data breach would not only be painful and expensive but could be critical to the survival of the startup or small business.

Like the larger companies and corporations, small businesses accept payments, store personal information and data. The task of trying to build a team to tackle network security can be a daunting project – or at times impossible. The staff, overhead and training required to build a comprehensive IT security team is oftentimes only a goal of hopeful achievement for these startups and small to mid-sized businesses.

We like to think that here at IPSOFACTO, IT Services we are the solution to maintaining a high level of network security with low overhead, but unfortunately a lot of early founders and executives don’t see the priority that this truly is or they are completely unaware that network security and IT services are outsourced to local professionals like ourselves, right here in the bay area.

UEBA Security

User Entity Behavior Analytics or UEBA to make it sound more simple, is the process of managing, analyzing and mitigating data threats via user, network and entity behaviors of a company or organization. Now, doesn’t UEBA just sound easier to understand…?

UEBA software and providers likes Exabeam are crucial in changing the way businesses, no matter the size, protect themselves against insider, outside,account compromise and data threats either on-premises or in the cloud. IPSOFACTO is happy to be a provider of Exabeam UEBA in San Francisco.Through Exabeam, we’re able to bring the startups and local businesses in the bay area a unique machine learning and predictive network security detectionthat reduces the attack on data, accounts, identity, and access to an organization’s network before the breach even happens. Call it security or call it insurance, we call it being prepared. We’ve already seen what’s possible with high level security threats on the federal and enterprise level. What makes your startup or small business any less penetrable?

The quick answer? Exabeam support in San Francisco by IPSOFACTO, IT Services?

Why Exabeam…?

Exabeam is a leader. They are on top of innovation and have some of the best minds in network security, data, Information technology and computer engineering on staff. They are have more data on IT security threats than any of their competition, this data has propelled them in providing a cutting edge UEBA product for businesses of all sizes. They have fantastic support and partner training, we actually feel like a part of their team. This gives us a ton of confidence in knowing the product that we are offering is completely supported and will always remain top of the line.

Exabeam comes fully loaded with the most common user and entity behavior analytics scenarios. Once connected the software immediately goes to work sand we build out the rest of the functionality and scenarios around your specific business. The Exabeam software catches attacks early and often, it’s smarter than most hackers, keeping your IT staff and security analysts alerted of potential attacks before they happen. When working with an outsourced it company like IPSOFACTO that is partnered up with an industry leader such as Exabeam, your on-site staff can keep on task working effectively and efficiently. Learn more hereon why you should choose Exabeam

Why IPSOFACTO for your outsourced IT and network security?

IPSOFACTO, IT Services has been a winner in IT and network security for over 20 years in the San Francisco area. Over the years we have had the the chance to put our heads and hands on many different applications for network security and we haven’t seen a solution as concrete as Exabeam in a long time,maybe ever. Our team here in the bay area is local, although we are your outsourced provider, we do not outsource our services.

The team here at IPSOFACTO has some of the most sought after engineers and tech consultants in the area. If you are in a place where see the value of your data and internal network security as a priority, you need to partner with a local IT company that is on the same page as you. If you still have questions or are wondering what the best UEBA solution is for your business, contact us today for a free consultation.

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