Mac Security In San Francisco

Mac Security In San Francisco

Mac Security – Secure or Not?

Apples Macs and Mac books have for the longest time been deemed invincible or virus proof. The Fort Knox, if you will of laptops and desktop computes. Apple has indeed created a great machine for creatives, professionals, business and novice users of all types. The maintenance is minimal, access to purchase is easy via the Apple stores and they are well supported with easy installs on new operating systems. It’s no surprise that the startup explosion in San Francisco is flooding the bay area with Macs. Although, to many the surprise lays in the myth of Mac Security in San Francisco. Are Macs really invincible or virus proof….?

The answer is no. Indeed, it took some time for malware to get up to speed to penetrate the security, software and operating systems of these tech deities, but no longer are they a shield against security threats. If you’re interested in learning more about Mac Security or the Myths and Truths of these machines, we curated some helpful articles for you:

San Francisco Mac Security

With the rise in Mac users and Apple based companies lies a window of security a data threats for these organizations. The realization of security issues when using Apple computers for business shouldn’t ever be overlooked. San Francisco, the 7×7 is undoubtedly one of the top cities for startups, growing the Mac population for startups and businesses in the Bay Area at an increasingly high rate. Luckily for these startups and Apple centric companies, San Francisco has been the home to IPSOFACTO, IT Services for over 20 years and we’re pros when it comes to security for Macs.

IPSOFACTO was one of the earliest partners of Apple in the Bay Area. For years, literally 20+ we’ve been selling, installing, servicing and protecting Apple products and Mac based organizations throughout San Francisco. Our company is built of a team of engineers, not just “IT Guys” but Tech Consultants and IT Engineers. The team of engineers at IPSOFACTO is some of the most sought after talent in the area. We’ve been responsible for managing and maintaining security, data and installation for some of the fastest growing companies in the bay area for a long time now, a lot of these companies have relied on our expertise in upholding tight security standards to protect their data, resources, devices and employees. Macs are great machines, Apple has done fantastic job, always has and always will. The easy to use operating systems, fast machines and flexibility make Macs a perfect fit for a lot of tech and creative startups. Don’t overlook the need for security just because of the Apple logo. When it comes to protecting your data and hardware and lean startup company, nothing is more important.


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