Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Microsoft recognizes IPSOFACTO as an award-winning Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

The Small Business Specialist Qualification is a guarantee from Microsoft that IPSOFACTO installations of MS Small Business Server Software are monitored by Microsoft for quality and adherence to Microsoft standards. Microsoft installations should be done correctly by proven specialists to ensure that the buyer receives all advantages of owning the application.

Microsoft recommends IPSOFACTO for your small business IT solutions, employing engineers who have passed advanced technical exams, giving the installation teams of IPSOFACTO access to a high level of internal Microsoft installation support, training and use references, software developer networks, and licensing teams at Microsoft.

Case Study related to Microsoft Small Business Server

Steve Boullianne, High school drop-out. College drop-out. A go-go dancer in Amsterdam. LOVED computers, programmed satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, Dot-Com boom, 2.0 boom. Likes his smallish company and human relationships; not into big anonymous IT. Loves to tell jokes. Loves and Hates technology; pick up the phone, ok? Thinks on line hook up sites have saved the world from AIDS and DateRape. Thinks his kids are better collaborators and world leaders thanks to video games. Is still a hip-hop dancer; is NOT a Brony. Loves San Francisco; Hates the homeless crisis. Tells young people to buy real estate, as soon as possible. Don’t rent. Hopes his final years are spent handing out blankets, food, clothes, and medical supplies.