Multimedia systems security

Multimedia systems security

Multimedia systems security

If you take a second to ponder multimedia communication San Francisco, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that it plays a vital role in modern society. It’s a huge part of economics, politics, industrial work, entertainment, etc., making it extremely important to secure all your multimedia data. You want to instil identity or ownership in what’s yours and keep it confidential. Multimedia security addresses just that by claiming what’s yours with digital watermarking, data encryption, multimedia authentication, digital rights management, etc.Are you beginning to understand why it’s vital to enforce proper security measures on your information? The information we create is what can create a multi-billion-dollar industry. That’s why in the field of Multimedia, there is an increased requirement for security, due to the many threats of replication of digital data without any information loss, leading to manipulation of that data without any detection.

The internet has grown vast and deep and multimedia items are copied easily through un-authorized and illegal channels. This is why some never publish their works electronically, due to the fear of being pirated and easily modified and then claimed as the thief’s own work.


There are some mechanisms that can be put in place to identify the item and its true creator. Credible proof and steps of precaution are key. The main techniques to Multimedia security are as follows:

Embed a watermark in vital locations of the document so that the watermark cannot be removed subtly.

  • Non-repudiation Oblivious Watermarking

This watermarking is supposed to set up the ability to ensure that a party to a contract or a communication cannot deny the authenticity of their signature on a document or the sending of a message that they originated.

  • Attack Characterization

This strengthens your watermark by characterizing the theft using reference watermark.

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