What is Bluetooth Beacon Technology

Understand The Beacon.

What is Bluetooth Beacon Technology

What is Bluetooth Beacon Technology

While you might have heard mention of Bluetooth Beacon Technology you likely don’t know exactly what it is or what it does. You can rest assured that you are far from the only person who is in that situation. While this is a tech that has been around for a little while, it’s not the kind of tech that consumers are entirely aware of just yet.

The first thing you need to realize is just what the tech is. There is a very simple use for Bluetooth Beacon Technology and that is to let receivers of the signals sent out by this tech know where you are. It’s also important to note that while it uses Bluetooth tech, it is not the kind of signal that is going to be used to connect to other devices like you might see if you are talking about Bluetooth keyboards or headphones. Literally, the only thing this tech does is tell certain receivers that you have arrived at a location.

You should also know that these beacons are platform independent. That means that the technology can be used on an iPhone or Android device. While Apple came out with the original iBeacon, they do not own the technology. Certainly, the company hoped that retailer would purchase their very specific receivers but that is not something that is absolutely needed. Other phones will use a tech that is very similar in order to tell retailers and any other place that uses this tech that you have come within a certain radius.

While beacons are something that can have a wide variety of uses, retailers have been the most used and most leaned up a reason for having this technology. The tech is more than just telling a store when a customer has walked by the storefront. The technology can also tell people just how long a customer spends in a location. Stores can also take individual data that has been logged and combine it in order to get some information on its clientele in general. Stores might be able to tell the exact period of time when most of their customers come into the store. They can also use that data and pair it with other data such as what has been sold based on receipt time stamps.

Companies that want to do really deep dives will even able to see what items sell the best at certain times of the day. All of this technology is fairly benign because users know they are not broadcasting data they wouldn’t want to be shared. Because this tech does not connect to other devices, hacking is almost unheard of. Even if a hacker got ahold of your Bluetooth Beacon Technology you would know that the only thing they really got ahold of was where you were and when.

While some people are going to find this info handy, it’s a safe bet hackers are looking for something quite a bit more detailed. This is why stores are enjoying using the tech on a daily basis.

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