Setting up IT and computers for a new office in San Francisco

Setting up IT and computers for a new office in San Francisco

San francisco, CA start up IT Set UpThe process of setting up IT and computers for a new office in San Francisco can be challenging. But, things will be quick and easy if you decide to hire the most loved IT firm in the bay area, IPSOFACTO. Our team of professional engineers know the right steps to take for you to have the computers set up and ready to go prior to move in, helping you to hit the ground running IT worry free.

There can often time be mistakes that are made while trying to set up new computers, internet, servers, racks and other IT on your own. It’s our job as IT Professionals to arrange the best set up of the computers for proper efficiency, security and maintenance, we even help with freeing up space.

When it comes to office relocation and the transfer of IT from office to office, IPOSFACTO is the winning choice. IPSOFACTO prepares New Office Connectivity (7 to 2 weeks before the move): We discuss the new office space to determine the best solution for cloud or server room, shelving and racking, workstation set-up, cabling, etc. We install ALL the IT in new offices: Wired Computers, Wireless, Wires, Firewalls, Server Walls, Printers, power…you name it, setting up offices is our wheelhouse.

    • Smart-Move Planning tools
    • Router/Firewall/Server Certified Engineers
    • Partnerships with Major Vendors (Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, etc)
    • Relationships with best ISP’s
    • 20 years of Office IT Move Experience
    • Relationships with good Movers


Here are just a few of the basics steps to consider when setting up IT and Computers for a new office in San Francisco CA or the Bay Area.

Back up data in your old office

Before you decide to move to a new office in San Francisco CA, you will have to get out of your old one first. In order to avoid cases where your data might be lost in transition, ensure you back up all the business data before you start your move. You will achieve the best data backup services if you will hire the right professionals for the services. Just take your time and compare few professionals in the area.

Configure workstation in readiness of wired or wireless internet connection

You will have to connect your computers to the internet at some point. When it comes to the type of internet connection you obtain, you will have to take into consideration a few different factors. For example, you should check whether you can access fast connection via wireless or wired. If your business requires fast internet connection, then you need to compare the two connection systems available and decide on the best which will meet your specific needs. If you prefer wired connection, then you should install the wires in such a way they will not interfere with the connection. Try as much as possible to avoid loosely hanging wires because they can lead to accidents in your office.

Install necessary software

For your business to run, you need to install software in your computers. It will depend on the type of business you run, always go for software which will make the work of your employees easy. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration when trying to come up with the right software include the user experience which your employees will enjoy. Software which will be easy for your employees to operate without even having to undergo more training will be the best for you to consider. The best IT professionals will advise you on the best software you can have so that your business will run smoothly.

Testing software to ensure they are running well

In order to avoid cases where your business will be exposed to losses, the IT professionals will test the software which they will install so that they will know whether it is working well. This is necessary to avoid and instance where they will leave you with computers which will not work as expected, or that will be susceptible to unwanted guest hacking into your network. If you introduce new software, the professionals should test it before they let your employees work with it.

Connecting computers to other devices

In an office setting you will have other devices such as printers and scanners, among other devices. The IT professionals will connect the computers with the peripheral devices and test them to ensure they are working well. For the scanners and printers to work well, they will need both software as well as hardware parts working well. The professionals will check on the hardware along with the hardware of the peripheral devices and ensure they are working well before they let your employees start working in the new office.

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