In house or outsourced IT for San Francisco Startup

In house or outsourced IT for San Francisco Startup

In House IT versus Outsourced IT

Yay!!! –  You’ve received you’re first round of funding and all of you founders and 1st employees are super excited to get a new office and move out of the garage that gave your startup a roof for so many of those long, stressful and caffeine induced days and nights. As a provider of Outsourced IT for Startups in San Francisco, we get it… The dream of ping-pong, a snack room, gongs and a hoverboard filled office is just around the corner, but first you have to get the logistics down. Where is this new office going to be? What software do we need? How many consultants do we need? Who gets what of ownership now that we have all these investors and advisors? How are we going to hire? What are we going to pay them?  Yay, just now with less exclamation marks.

Without any doubt or arguments from anyone, we can confidently say that you, Mr. or Mrs. CEO, CTO, COO, Founder – You have your hands full. In the start up world, capital, cash flow and sales are king – these 3 things combined with your great product or idea will get you’re next series of funding coming in. What if we could tell you that there is a little unknown secret in the bay area, one that could cut your costs without cutting corners? This little secret, could increase efficiency, mitigate losses, prevent downtime, increase productivity, add security and give you an edge on your competition.

Listen carefully, we’re going to whisper it. . . .  Outsourced Startup IT From IPSOFACTO

Outsource Your Startups IT Service

Yes, you heard right. Outsource it, your IT. It doesn’t need to be in house right now. At this point every dollar, time and employee counts and we’re really, really good at what we do. We’ve been trusted to build out a ton of sites, tech and servers for some of the fastest moving startups in downtown San Francisco. IPSOFACTO has a team of dedicated IT engineers, not just “IT Guys” or “Computer Dudes” that are typically in your email folder full resumes.

Ipsofacto_Inhouse_vs_outsourcedOur team has specialized focus on Macs, we were one of the earliest IT firms in the bay area to partner with Apple and we’ve continued to be on e of the most innovative tech consultants in the area when it comes supporting businesses powered by Apple. Recently, we’ve been busy reverse engineering the Microsoft Azure suite for Macs, providing a high level of security, virtual computers, device management, and user access for startups operating heavily with Macs or Apple devices. Most of San Francisco.

When you look at the costs associated with building out your internal or in house IT department as a startup, you’ll start to see a lot of costs and questions associated with it. Tech setup, hiring, security, inventory, servers, salaries, work flow – Our team has done all of this, we follow a proven process that can be implemented to keep your growth on track and moving quickly.

Ultimately, as a start up in the bay area you have a lot to take care of and every penny counts. A lot of companies spend extraordinary amounts of money each year on In-House IT per year for a couple of employees with a bit of talent. Our outsourced IT services at IPSOFACTO, can save you loads of dollar bills while providing a much higher level of talent. Take a look at the photo above for an idea of how that works.

Needless to say when considering the idea of in-house IT or outsourcing, you owe it to yourself, your founders and your investors to at least consider the idea of outsourced IT for your San Francisco startup. What’s the worse that could happen, you end up meeting our CEO and having totally awesome conversation about business, tech, and other startups? Could be worse. Give us a call, let’s work together and chat about the idea of outsourced IT support being the right fit for y0ur company.

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