VoIP For The Bay Area

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VoIP is a net. Get rid of your old phones. Seamless integration from your phone at work and your cell phone.

If one of your New Years resolutions as a company in 2019 is to expand your business or start a new one, consider using the power of the features that come with VoIP-based phone service. Consider using a VoIP service that is out of this world, like Meraki Business Phone Systems, which easily gives your business the feel of a company that is doing big things, flexibility, features like dial by extension, call transfers from office to mobile, music on hold, fax, video conferencing and much more.

“VoIP business phone service is a complete game-changer for startups!” explains Phil Trunnel, founder and CEO of Scriptcycle LLC,

As a startup, executives and owners have to be conscious of capital funding. It’s critical to find effective and affordable solutions that allow for scalability. VoIP is the perfect answer. Businesses need features beyond normal phone use and when on the phone, whether it’s 10 employees or 500, those call connections need to be stable in order to support productivity and performance. Many startups need features like voicemail, conferencing, fax, agent management and 800 numbers.

In today’s world, VoIP isn’t a little gadget that’s sold on late night infomercial channels. For many, it’s an essential system that supports and spurs new growth for startups throughout the Bay Area. The reliability of a solid VoIP service, for instance Meraki is our chosen blessing is second to none. Gone are the days of reliability issues, it’s a new dawn – effective feature packed cloud services that have removed the burden of large up-front costs, management, hosting and ridiculous phone bills from.

VoIP systems are traditionally less expensive than the “old school” traditional PBXs or big service providers, and those costs can often drop even further if you’re on a hosted system. This removes the crazy investments that would come with those PBXs, giving your startup tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital that can be invested elsewhere.

Here are a few reasons why Startups in San Francisco should chat with us about VoIP

  1. VoIP phone services cut costs for start-up and expansion costs.
  2. Voice over IP Systems helps new companies look bigger from the start.
  3. VoIP phone services expand easily, handle multiple offices, letting you scale.
  4. VoIP empowers mobile workforces to be effective.
  5. Voice over IP business phone systems gives you more information and control.

Considering VoIP for your bay area business and have some questions on the best route to go? Give us a call, ask for Steve.

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