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Bay Area Outsourced IT

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To outsource or hire in-house. This is the question facing many San Francisco companies and start-ups these days, regardless of their industry. Unfortunately, the answer is not always so black and white.

With the rise of start-ups and almost instant access to outsourced “professionals” or “employees” you would think that something like Outsourced IT in San Francisco would be a thing that everyone is doing. However, for some reason it’s still an odd concept for a lot of businesses. Maybe, just maybe, we’re a bit partial here J but it seems like it should be a no brainer. I can however, see some benefits on both sides, as well as some downsides of both. Some more than the other.

In-house IT teams have been a go to for many years. You know, the moment the businesses owner or CTO bites the bullet and invests in tech for the office, hiring an IT Pro or computer guy to be in the office seems like an investment in protecting your tech.

In-house tech teams are great, they typically serve their purpose and serve it very well. For instance, they will have a very in-depth understanding of your business and its internal systems, heck they were probably the ones that recommended it but may only be able to offer a broad know-how or have as much knowledge of the products that come with the user manual and documentation. These sorts of situations are fine for daily operations but tend to prove to be problematic when more specialized skills are required for specific projects. This is more common than ever these days with the explosion of cloud and mobile based apps, virtual computers, network security and off-premise server management.

Outsourcing IT in San Francisco, by comparison, at first may lack the firsthand experience of the company’s inner workings. However, when using IPSOFACTO as our outsourced team, it’s quite different than most “Outsourcing”. Our systems-engineers are local, our outsourced IT service includes time spent on premise at your location. This enables the IPSOFACTO team to begin to develop rapport with and staff and in-house IT managers, along with a knowledge of internal workings and systems.

While the immediate of understanding of your current IT infrastructure may not be there, the good news is that it will within a short period of time. One of the benefits of an Outsourced IT team, is that you can always count on the fact that they or we will come with a wide range of expertise that can easily be applied to your company’s immediate needs.

When deciding what avenue to take when it comes to outsourcing your IT help desk and support, take some time consider all factors. We have only touched the surface with this post. The decision can often times propel a business or put it to a halt. We’ve put together some other posts on this topic as well:


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