What to do with the Android phone of a Dead Person (yours too…)

What to do with the Android phone of a Dead Person (yours too…)

android phone tipFor this subject, the Google term is Inactive Account Manager.

Google has a system in place for when you, or someone you are close to, dies and the account data needs to be recovered, usually for legal reasons or to know what was going on up until death.

Google sees by default that an account has been inactive for 3 months (you can choose longer) and once the account is inactive for 3 months, Google will consider you or your loved one maybe to be dead, and start to delete the account and everything in it.

That said, the Google process warns you 1 month before the end date, which means that at 2 months, Google will start trying to alert both YOU and the Inactive Account Manager that a certain account is inactive; allowing some time to access the account if they need to.

The Inactive Account Manager is that special someone who will see everything on your Android phone after you’re dead; allowing them to recover documents, pictures, emails, texts, anything on your cell phone, even information that comes onto your cell phone after you’re dead.

Below are the instructions to assign an Inactive Account Manager. DO IT NOW. And that way you won’t need to deal with it ever again; like when you’re old and have dementia form all the processed food we eat. And in case you’re young (or you think you are) and you suspect the Inactive Account Manager might change during your lifetime, put a calendar entry in your phone to re-confirm every couple of years. The last thing you want is your ex up in your cellphone when you’re dead, or maybe you do…sweet revenge photos. Who knows!!


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