A letter to foundations

A letter to foundations

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A letter to foundations

Hey There Mr. & Mrs. Foundation,

We’re IPSOFACTO, we should hold hands.

Okay, at first this might sound like an odd request. However, with as busy as you and your foundation are, there are most likely things that are getting overlooked or pulling you away from other important tasks, like raising money or continuing to push your cause forward. To most, these annoying little things can end up feeling like a really big deal, creating endless gaps in productivity and even security. Often times, when these things are not actually getting overlooked or put to the side, they end up taking valuable time away from your internal team in order to be fixed or addressed.

These “things” we’re talking about… it’s IT, (Information Technology), We’re referring to; computers, new software, fixing printers, setting up new users, replacing hardware, mobile technologies and workspaces and even training staff on premise or remotely. All of these things that will cause many folks a headache and extra starbucks runs are right in our wheelhouse and we’ve been pretty good at handling them other foundations for the last 20 years.

Hopefully, none of that made your head spin. If it did, don’t worry, we can help, We’ll hold your hand throughout the whole process. I mean, we can actually physically hold your hand. We don’t only provide managed services where you’re only allowed to reach the “Computer Guys” via phone, but our outsourced Bay Area IT team of extraordinary engineers will physically visit your office to help you fix tech related issues and during that time, if HR allows it, you are welcome to hold our hand and we’ll hold yours.

If that doesn’t sound nice enough to create some exciting butterflies in your stomach while daydreaming of a world free of tech and IT related issues, what if we told you that IPSOFACTO assigns a team of 5 to each one of our client accounts and in most cases those 5 will cost less than or close to the equivalent of 1 in-house IT guy?

Yes, that means saving more money by reducing overhead and additional expenses for support and new hardware. It means applying your energy and freed resources towards being focused on your charted goals. It also means having a local partner that cares about you and cares about your foundation enough to do their job better than anyone else, so that you can do yours.

Our primary focus here at IPSOFACTO is providing civilized, stellar IT services. Because of that, we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing foundations and nonprofits throughout San Francisco. Our focus aligned with theirs and it will with yours too. If we do our job like we know we can, it allows your foundation to focus on its primary purpose.  You won’t need to worry about why your email is down, or how to add a new user to the network or even google searching “what cable goes where”.

We want to help those who are helping others. If you could use a little assistance in the arena of “IT” in order to focus more attention on helping others, we should chat. If not, just keep us in mind –  follow us, like or share and we’ll be sure to do the same.

Here’s to a changing world and having your hand held.


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Steve Boullianne, Multiple post-graduate degrees, Mind/Body/Spirit enthusiast, & a member of Mensa. Loves Skiing, Scuba, and Food. Steve’s First job out of college was programming satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, e-Commerce super success, 2.1 boom. Steve is ready to Mediate high quality for all life, our one planet, and human kindness. Loves to dance and tell jokes. Steve believes that Excellent Communication is key to human success (and failure). Steve has 3 sons who are his STARS. They will carry the world into a brilliant future. Since 1996, Steve has been a volunteer drug and alcoholism counselor in the Bay Area. The power of the Great Spirit is in you. Steve is a good friend to have.