Offering Free WiFi – Your Guest Network

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Offering Free WiFi – Your Guest Network

In today’s day and age, we expect free WiFi almost at every location we arrive at. So, let’s say someone enters your office building and looks to connect his/her smartphone to the Internet. In one instance, he/she is unable to surf the Net due to connectivity issues. In another, he can immediately connect with the Net by using the guest WiFi offered by your tech savvy business.

Which do you think will be the happier customer in this case? The answer is obviously the one who could connect to the Net and that would surely reflect in your business results as well.

For almost all businesses, especially the already established ones, there are many benefits of offering free WiFi. However, should the start-ups offer free WiFi to all their customers?

Well, let’s break down the answer to this question. The Internet is the basic necessity for any business in today’s modern world. Even if your business is a startup, you will surely need the Net for a proper functioning of your business just like any other. So, it won’t cost much more to offer free WiFi to your customers by sharing with guests. All that is needed to be done is extend the Internet connection, which you already have, into a WiFi hotspot and voila!

Any startup also needs to do a good bit of research about their customers. By offering free WiFi to your customers, you can get to know about them and in return, watch your business grow. When a customer tries to connect to the free WiFi, ask them to fill out a form, see ads, collect their info for re-marketing. You want them to provide feedback about your business and also answer a few questions. These questions will help you determine their likes and dislikes for the products and services that you offer and ultimately help you plan your products and services accordingly and get the best results.

Offering free WiFi can be a major element that makes or breaks any startup. Free WiFi can also come in handy to maintain a lot of important operations, such as surveillance and other functions, in the store. Just more reasons why it’s always good for the startups to offer free WiFi to their customers to leverage the benefits from the action.

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