Strong and Inexpensive WIFI for Construction Firms

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Strong and Inexpensive WIFI for Construction Firms

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Strong and Inexpensive WIFI for Construction Firms

Strong and Inexpensive WIFI for Construction Firms

By definition (or ipso facto) the work of construction firms takes place away from their main office. A busy construction business may have several projects running, in different cities, or countries, all at the same time. Project managers need to access data on the company mainframe or in the cloud. Main office personnel need real-time access to personnel on various job sites. And, nobody wants the competition to be listening to their conversations, reading their emails, or stealing core information. There are lots of good reasons to use WIFI in the main office. But in this day and age, it is essential to have strong and inexpensive WIFI for construction firms on the job.

The Beauty and Importance of Dedicated Mobile Hotspots

A big piece of the infrastructure your construction firm needs to stay in touch with the folks on the job site is already there, courtesy of the mobile phone network. A smartphone can be used as a mobile hotspot. This is like the WIFI at the airport or coffee shop, but safe, because it is your WIFI connected to the system in your office.

Better yet, for a large construction site, Ipsofacto will help you set up WIFI that extends throughout the work site so that any worker carrying a smartphone can be in touch with anyone else on the site, or in the main office when needed.

Using job site WIFI may just be a matter of reporting on job progress or checking on availability of materials. Or it may be to report a life-threatening injury in which case seconds count and the smooth functioning of the job site WIFI becomes a matter of life and death.

The Risks of Bad WIFI

There is all your information passing through the air, just waiting for someone to hack into your system. It does not have to be that way, because, with someone like Ipsofacto IT Services at your side, you can have world class, state of the art security in your WIFI connections both in the main office and on any job site anywhere in the world.

If you do not use a professional to set up and maintain your WIFI, you can lose data such as records of contract negotiations for your next big project! When you lose the billion dollar project to build the shopping mall in Qatar, you may wonder if someone hacked into your poorly designed and maintained WIFI.

If you become embroiled in a lawsuit, an issue the other side may bring up is your data security compliance. It can be all too easy to demonstrate that your WIFI was not up to snuff and was the cause of a data breach. Ask Ipsofacto to look at your WIFI system. Modern security tools that we install will both spot intrusions and take note of employees doing bad things via your WIFI internet connection as well.

Strong and Reliable WIFI

WIFI that you can trust and that does the job is a must for a construction site. Unfortunately, too much WIFI hardware is poorly made, incompetently installed, and rarely (or never) maintained. The system you were using two years ago on a small construction site may not be up to the task for a much larger site. And, two years can be an eternity in the tech world.

Ask Ipsofacto to take a look at your WIFI, analyze the equipment, and verify that it was installed properly. Ask us to help maintain this vital link in the communication chain so that vital information is not lost or stolen and work proceeds efficiently.

WIFI Does Not Need to Be Outrageously Expensive

At Ipsofacto IT Services we have been working with construction firms, large and small, for many years. We know, as well as you do the value of a dollar and appreciate the need to control expenses at all levels of any project.

And, because we deal every day with issues of internet integrity and security, we know how to balance robust and reliable function with the cost of the system and maintenance. If you have any questions about WIFI on your construction sites, talk to the experts. Talk to Ipsofacto IT Services today.


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