Amazon Acquires Whole Foods

Food For Thought.... IT Ops

Amazon Whole Foods and IT Operations

Amazon Whole Foods and IT Operations

Amazon IT Operations

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Other than saving the San Francisco area with  50+ hour IT projects at a time we are also bringing IT joy to the small and medium-sized businesses across the bay area.

For the bigger businesses like Amazon and Whole Foods, finding IT joy comes as a top priority. We found it interesting to see this new article on Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods. Big business moves for any size of a company bring a lot of change and question to the organization in a whole. In the case of this most recent move on Amazon’s part, one thing called to attention was the transition and adjustment of IT operations. An organization like Amazon understands the priority of digitalization, security, processes and IT management.

IT Operations Is Just as Important to Amazon as it is a Grocery Store

If this is an initiative large enough for these two giants to bring to the surface in the event of an acquisition, small businesses, startups, and corporations of San Francisco should take this as a hint towards planning their growth. If you’re reading this and wondering, “what do our IT ops look like?”, Just give us a call today to plan your schedule for us to audit your current IT operations.


Take a look at the link below for the full article.

“If Amazon can digitize the grocery business, then every business should be subject to improvement through digitization. However this will require every business to acquire and build the skills required to an effective software company. IT Operations can and should play a crucial role in helping businesses succeed in their digitization efforts.”

By Network World

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