Internet of Evil Things

Internet of Evil Things

The Internet of Evil Things

“Get ready for it. Your refrigerator is dating your toaster”Steve Boullianne, CEO of IPSOFACTO.

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What a hot, and cold, mess that would be. The above quote from Steve is an example of what we mean by the “Internet of Things”. The world we live in today is one that is constantly connected. It is actually not unheard of for a toaster or refrigerator to be connected to internet. This is pretty common with today’s Smart Home Installations.

Let’s not just look at the connected world, but the connected work place. The rise of tech has created a faster paced, technology driven, mobile work environment. 90% of businesses would admit that they could not run their day to day operations without a connection to the internet. Everything is connected to internet, especially here in San Francisco. For any business, the interest is their life line to doing thriving. But, do we know what devices we’re allowing to use our network?

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Wired, wireless, and bluetooth connections are simultaneously being connected to your organizations network. Employees, clients, visitors, remote staff, and each of their personal devices are accessing the organizations “life-line.”

Do you know which ones pose a threat? Is it not enough that we have to worry about maliciousPwnie Express 2017 Internet of evil things attacks via DNS attacks, plus malware and hackers galore, but now we have to worry about which devices are potential threat, who and what device can use our network, and so on.


This whole connected world, Internet of Things could really be “The Internet of Evil Things.”

“The Internet of Evil Things.” It’s a coined term from Pwnie Express, one that expounds on  the darker, troubled, and risky views of the connected world and work place that we experience in “The Internet of Things.”

Every year, Pwnie Express puts out an Internet of Evil Things Report providing data points and actionable intel from community based surveys, information security pros, and devices that are being monitored by Pwnie’s IoT Security Platform.

This is a must read for any CTO, IT Manager, CEO, CFO or network security professional. If protecting your data, network, and internal communications is important to your organization, there needs to be awareness and initiatives in place to protect your company from the Internet of Evil Things. We highly recommend you download the most recent .pdf version of this report.

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