Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Internet speeds have increased enough that you no longer need to keep all your data (or even your applications) saved on your hard drive. Instead, you can use the web to access programs and files in “the cloud” -a huge roomful of servers. This makes your data accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and far easier to share. You can stop purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware and chose to subscribe to a pay-as-you-go service, which makes your network architecture highly scalable and efficient.

  • -Hosted Email – for reliability
  • -Virtualization – for lower maintenance costs
  • -Data Storage and Backup – for security
  • -Software and Applications – for cost savings

If you’re not sure whether the cloud is right for you, take our survey. One of our engineers will analyze your responses and let you know how you can best utilize the cloud.

Virtual Private Cloud

At IPSOFACTO, we own our own VPC.

You ask yourself whether you should use a public or private cloud? Here are 7 reasons why opting for a private cloud is a good idea:

  1. Security

Private clouds use a data technology that hackers have little success cracking.

  1. Support

A private cloud partner can give great support. Public clouds with millions of users reprove continued failure in both reliability and support.

  1. Customization

Public clouds make app customization difficult or impossible.

  1. Data Loss

Public clouds lose data, frequently. They do not support continuity, versioning or compliance regulations.

  1. Pricing

Private clouds are a low cost alternative to expensive public clouds.

  1. Client Relations

Can you tell your clients their private data is stored in a risky public space?

  1. Compliance Regulation

Most public clouds are non-compliant due to risk and continuity failures. Look for a Trustmark.

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