Cisco Spark For SF Businesses

Create, Collaborate, Achieve with Cisco & IPSOFACTO

San Francisco Cisco Spark Provider 

In every sports film that has ever existed (or shall exist for that matter), the conflict remains the same: a group of athletes fail to achieve their goals, a problem that is only resolved when they learn to better communicate and collaborate, finally coming together as team.


When it comes to your business, what are you doing to better help your own team perform better? Are you working to develop better communication between your employees to further enhance collaboration through the use of new, innovative, intuitive tools, or are you relying heavily upon the systems of the past thirty years to somehow keep your company on top of things in this rapidly moving society? If you really want to encourage team communication, then the Cisco Spark is the product you didn’t even realize you needed.



What separates the Spark from the rest of the pack?


  • Simplicity: Utilizing the Cisco® Collaboration Cloud, each activity has been designed to be simple, intuitive, and effective. Additionally, the services are provided via subscription, allowing new services to be added with minimal hassle.
  • Security: By bringing together all the security related experience they have accrued over the years in the industry, Cisco has created software and hardware that provides the ultimate secure experience for your business.
  • Total Package: With the Cisco Spark, you get all of the incredible, cutting edge collaboration services developed by Cisco, enhancing team communication and collaboration.


The benefits Cisco Spark speak for themselves:

  • Increased Productivity: This tool will enable your company to make better decisions more quickly by improving team communication prior to, during, and following any meetings.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Build relationships and trust through the use of video conferencing and meetings, fostering the personal atmosphere that only an in-person meeting can create without ever having a, well, in-person meeting…
  • Capture Creativity: Whatever you can conjure up on a whiteboard can be saved and shared via the cloud, connecting the virtual and physical workspaces with unparalleled speed and precision.
  • Improve Effectiveness: Run extremely effective meetings by capturing notes and action items, adding addendum’s ad nauseam, and circulating them throughout the workplace with ease to help improve team accountability.

Here at IPSOFACTO, we are proud to offer Cisco Spark as we continue to set ourselves apart from the competition by providing only the best to our clientele. In addition to all the awesome benefits of the Spark, you’ll get all of the equally awesome benefits of working with our team of dedicated IT professionals. Don’t believe we’re the best at what we do? We accept your challenge; call us today to learn more about IPSOFACTO and Cisco Spark.