Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office 365 Migration in San Francisco


bay area office 365 migrationSince 1995, IPSOFACTO has been a leader in the bay area for Microsoft support. The continued developments of the software and advancements in the cloud have left a lot of business in San Fran sitting in history with the classic exchange server on Microsoft. The chatter of O365 migration in the office can make most IT guys hide under their desk, but not us. We’ve done this a lot and have a proven system of migrating Microsoft office 365 that will save you time, pitfalls and stress. You can’t just sit back and watch the rest of the world happen, it’s time to Migrate with IPSOFACTO.

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The days of having to maintain an exchange server and struggle with data restrictions are over. Office 365 brings a radically different work space to businesses compared to the legacy software. Don’t get caught rut being worried about moving all the data over, we’ll handle that, for us it’s not complicated at all. Office 365 is Microsoft’s state of the art Enterprise IT environment is changing the way businesses work.

Office 365 sets a new standard for businesses in San Francisco and comes loaded with benefits:

  • Microsoft Office 365 is available on the cloud and offers a ton of flexibility and integration options for on site solutions. The savings alone from a migration to Office 365 are a good enough reason to make the move, keep you away from the unnecessary expenses that come maintaining local server and tech.  Office 365  will be a new safe haven for your data.
  • Pay for what you get and grow with Office 365. As your company grows, you can easily pay for the additional services and data storage as needed. The data storage of the 365 stack is OneDrive, giving you a ton of cloud based storage at a ridiculously good price. The pain of expanding local servers with new hard drives is gone.
  • Work from anywhere with Office 365. Since it’s cloud based you employees and executives can still be productive and effectively access data when away from their desks while maintaining highly secure.
  • Never loose your data with Microsofts industry leading data protection and back ups, giving you a peace of mind of keeping your data and documents safe.

At some point or another, if your bay area business is running on a legacy exchange server you will inevitably be making the switch. The real choice is to keep waiting, worried about the process or calling IPSOFACTO today for a quick and seamless migration. Office 365 is fantastic, we love it. It’s loaded with apps to increase productivity and improve functionality of an organization – a lot of them are free. Recently Microsoft purchased Yammer, this software alone is a no brainer. Yammer removes long email chains and gives inner office/organization communication a cleaner more focused platform of messaging.

Again, don’t worry about the mess of a migration – Let us handle it. Once the Migration to Office 365 is done, you will never have to worry about migrations again as the stack is 100% supported by Microsoft and they on top of their game with updates and fixing any early stage bugs.

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