Microsoft Azure For Macs & OS X

Microsoft Azure For Macs & OS X

The Rumor is out. Mac’s are the “go to” computer of choice for start-ups and many businesses these days, especially those in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Macs and OS X provide a so many benefits to businesses, especially start ups and creatives. Among the affordability and long term financial benefits Macs provide, the OS X software is great for every day use. Perfect for the novice user and great to develop on. For tech startups in the Bay Area it’s common to see everyone from IT, dev ops, sales and executive leadership using macs through out the office.

If you couple the above the reasons with the dependability and support of Apple and their local support for hardware problems. Macs effective allow startups to maintain productivity while reducing long term costs. Many startups are conserving capital by outsourcing IT in San Francisco, making Macs a perfect fit.

Here’s The Problem – 

Startups in the bay area are constantly starting small with a few mac users accessing a small amount of applications, software and documents. As the company expands the number of Mac users grows. Along with new employees comes the increased need for security, database management, program access and IT efficiencies. We already know the benefits of Macs for startups, but a scalable and reliable active directory is not  typically seen among organizations with a substantial amount of mac users.

Mac Active Directory using Microsoft Azure

The Azure AD (Active Directory) offers premium functionality for a wide range of uses. The team of IPSOFACTO tech consultants and tech integrators have been implementing Microsoft Azure to startups in the bay area that are highly dependent on Mac computers, lap tops and mobile devices. While Microsoft Azure AD comes as a standard feature for a lot of Microsoft computes it causes some difficulties for implementation into a large network of Mac users, calling for the expertise of our engineers, tech integrators and admins in San Francisco.

If you’re part of a business, organization or startup in San Francisco that is looking to increase access and efficiency of for your staff of Mac OS X users contact us today to begin experiencing the benefits of the cloud based Microsoft Azure:

  • Single Sign-On to any cloud or premise based web application.
  • Reduce costs and increase security with great self services features.
  • Protect on-site web applicants with secure remote access.
  • Extend Active Directory to a cloud based access.

Experience these benefits and more with an enterprise level solution and reliability that is second to none. Call us or request a consultation today.