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Guest Wi-Fi

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Guest Wi-Fi is a great option to have available for your guests. However, there are some hidden issues when using guest Wi-Fi options that many business owners might not know about. In order to choose the best guest internet for your business, it’s always best to look into what these options can mean for you in the long run.

What is a DMZ?

DMZ, also known as a demilitarized zone, perimeter network, or screened subnet is a separate network within your Wi-Fi that has little to no access to your internal network. This means that it will protect the inner workings of your internet or rather, the more sensitive information attached to it. If your wireless internet doesn’t offer this option, have a guest network could severely compromise your business in many ways.

Why is the DMZ so Important?

When dealing with internet companies, there are three tiers. With a tier one company (the lower option), they’re going to know to setup the DMZ however, the security around that DMZ may be weak. A tier three company is going to ensure that you not only have a DMZ setup but that the security around it is also “air tight” so that hacking and a “bleed over” isn’t possible or extremely difficult. In other words, your company and all the vital information connected to it can’t be touched by random people coming into your business using the internet on a guest network.

So, without a DMZ, your business is a “sitting duck” when it comes to protecting all the information you have stored. Therefore, the DMZ and the security surrounding it is, by far, the most important factor when it comes to guest internet. You don’t want to be caught without one and you don’t want to have one without an adequate wall of security around it.

What Happens Without a DMZ?

Say someone gets a guest login for your WIFI. Your main network is connected to all of your company’s vital information such as tax documents, every file you’ve ever needed for your business, etc. If you don’t have an adequate level of protection, everyone who gets on your guest network is within arm’s reach of all that information. This means, if they wanted to, they could do a simple hack and have access to everything that makes your business tick. They could go in and change or delete accounting information you’ve saved up throughout the year. They could add or remove client information, work you’ve completed already, etc. Imagine if you were a photographer or graphic designer and all the work you had so meticulously worked on was just deleted entirely from your system? Odds are, you aren’t getting that back. Imagine if you were an accounting company and they deleted all those numbers that are so intricately put together for your clients? It’s hard to imagine and would be a disaster but, it has happened and can happen if your guest Wi-Fi isn’t properly set up.

If you have a tier one company set up your guest Wi-Fi, that’s not a huge deal and it should work. However, it’s much nicer knowing that you’ve got major protection instead of just a little protection. Overall, just make sure you have a DMZ and security surrounding it in order for your company to be protected while still being able to offer guest Wi-Fi options.

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