Meraki MV Security Cameras

Meraki MV Security Cameras

Hi Everyone-

Steve B here. Tech-4-Your-happiness!

Our beautiful Team here at IPSOFACTO, IT Services just finished installing all the office tech at a new client; primarily a Meraki MV security cameras installation. For the security cameras, in the past, a security company would have been contracted. Instead, Meraki  MV security cameras for business were chosen; and they are a million times cooler than the old security cameras (those ones that look like grampa’s old hand held cam corder…,) and Meraki MV security cameras (san francisco) are way better then the continual feed cameras that look like R2D2 upside down.

What makes Meraki MV security cameras for office cooler??

The old Security cameras for office space dumped footage (hours and days of it) into a giant data base in a server that’s in your office (bad) or in the cloud (really bad).

Why were Security cameras for office space (bay area) so bad, Steve? you ask…

When someone steals something, you need to see the footage. If you’re contracting with a company, they usually charge you an-arm-and-a-leg-and-a-torso just to get you the footage back, days or weeks later. You have no immediate access or control to those old Small business security cameras (san francisco).

But these new Meraki MV security cameras store the data inside of the camera. This allows the user who wants to see the footage to connect directly to these cameras using a web page. Searching through the footage is very easy, and depending on how high of a density you want these cameras to be recording, they can record for months. Of course these cameras are on a motion sensing application. That means that they’re not just filming junk all the time, they will only film when there is action going on.

Let’s say that you’re sitting in the office and somebody comes up to you and says, “Hey my laptop is gone, my cell Phone is gone, my purse is gone, or my Swingline stapler is gone.” With the Meraki MV security cameras you can immediately attach to the camera and look at the video feed of what just happened in the past hour. How the real world works for your swingline stapler… on the old system it means you’re going to have to reach out to the security company, ask them to spend a couple days getting you the video footage of the past 24 hours and then charge you a couple 1000 bux for it . Nobody needs that. So it’s true these cameras are a little bit more expensive than old corporate security cameras, but if you can go CHEAP and avoid on-prem servers or huge monthly fees for cloud storage, even though the Meraki MV security cameras are more expensive, thay actually come out to be a lot cheaper than the old corporate security cameras (bay area), and they’ll help you find whatever missing objects IMMEDIATELY.


Right? If you’re going to get something back, you need to find out where it went as fast as possible , and not wait 3 days or a week to get it. Those old small business security cameras hose other systems are useless. If you want to know more about these Meraki MV security cameras (bay area), and if you want to see a little demo for our Meraki MV security cameras support, you can go to YouTube. We’re happy to come in and talk to you about them and show him to yo. they are very cool. They are the future. Of course there are companies like Nest that make cheaper systems but these Meraki MV security cameras (oakland) are very strong and able to store a lot of footage. They can withstand outdoor and other pressures a lot better than a Nest camera can. Give me a call if you need some help. 415-362-2922 love, Steve

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